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Listen in! Employees give insights into their jobs.

In our new podcast series, we spend a few minutes with different colleagues from our company. They give exciting insights into their jobs, talk about their projects, challenges, what it’s like to work at Valeo and how they experience the many facets of our corporate culture.

People & Culture

How does recruiting work at one of the world’s largest automotive suppliers? Our colleagues from the Talent Acquisition Team will give you an impression of what it’s like to bring your talent into HR at Valeo.

Insights into LiDAR technology

In this podcast, Thorsten and Christoph, who work in the LiDAR Technology department at Valeo, talk about why they enjoy going to work every day, the challenges they face and what they are most proud of: Seeing their own technology on the road.

Designing the front of the vehicle

Listen to Valeo’s first podcast on how project business, quality and innovation work together in the R&D front end.

Career in Purchasing

Colleagues give exciting insights into our purchasing department and report on their daily challenges.

Autonomous Driving @ Upper Franconia

Autonomous on the motorway – and in the city! The future made in Upper Franconia! Colleagues from a wide range of areas talk about the challenges at the Upper Franconian location in Kronach.

R&D Management

Developing customers with tact and diplomacy and successfully leading global R&D automotive projects to their goal.

​Radar technology at its best

Leen, Ernst and Miquel tell us about their work to make cars safer and about the upcoming new developments. The radar platform at Valeo addresses trending topics such as artificial intelligence, robotics and combining them with automotive safety.

System Metier: Making cars safer

Make cars safer Never drive yourself into the garage again and ensure less risk on the roads. In this podcast, you will learn about the challenges that function owners and project leaders face and how nice it is to see your own developments on the road.

Service & Warehouse: Career in the automotive aftermarket

Joern, Aleksandra et WimValeo’s warehouse stores components for the aftermarket and makes them available to the garages.
Alexandra, Wim and Yearn tell us about their experience in Valeo’s service department. Together they work on international service projects, with road safety always at the heart of their work.

LiDAR Technology Development: Making Autonomous Driving a reality

In this Podcast Sanjay, Nelson and Lukasz tell us about one of the most exciting projects in recent years. They brought autonomous driving into series production. The first approved Level 3 system for autonomous driving is in the S-Class from Mercedes Benz. Our three guests played a leading role in the development of this future technology. There were many challenges from the test phase to series production for Valeo’s Comfort & Driving Assistance Systems Product Group.

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