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Stellantis and Valeo launch the first Remanufactured automotive windshield-mounted video camera

Stellantis and Valeo celebrate their circular economy strategy cooperation with the launch of the first windshield-mounted video camera remanufactured by Valeo at its Circular Electronics Lab in Nevers.

This premiere defines the path of Stellantis in being the first car maker to offer remanufactured video cameras, making it a trailblazer of an entire new product line dedicated to ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) in the SUSTAINera REMAN range.

Nevers, December 15, 2023 – Stellantis N.V. and Valeo celebrate their partnership and commitment to Circular Economy business model with the launch of the first windshield-mounted automotive video camera remanufactured at Valeo Circular Electronics Lab in Nevers.

Stellantis and Valeo are long time partners, and are committed to safeguarding natural resources, while generating financial value.

Stellantis targets to leading the industry to Carbon Net Zero by 2038 and Circular Economy plays a key role to reach this goal in both Companies strategies and Remanufacturing is one of the main drivers.

Remanufacturing is a standardized industrial process that extends a used product’s lifespan, restoring it to original performance and functionality. It also guarantees consistent quality and performance, along with the same warranty as new parts. This reliability makes it a crucial component of both companies’ circular economy strategies.

Leveraging its global footprint, Valeo has 40 years of experience in remanufacturing mechanical products. Its remanufacturing portfolio covers starters, alternators, air conditioning compressors, brake calipers, dual mass flywheels, torque converters, heavy duty clutches, and dual wet clutches, through an all-brands program. As a testament to its capabilities and its success, Valeo currently remanufactures one million products annually and aims to double this capacity by 2030, further amplifying its impact.

Through the SUSTAINera label, Stellantis offers remanufactured automotive spare parts with a wide range of 13,000 parts number across 37 different product lines. Its portfolio includes starters, alternators, clutches, turbochargers, injectors, brake calipers, electronic control modules, control units, multimedia, SCR tank, transmissions, engines, and high-voltage batteries for electric vehicles.

Valeo has the widest portfolio among Stellantis’ remanufacturing suppliers covering 6 product families.

Stellantis and Valeo intend to continue expanding their product portfolio, putting innovation in Remanufacturing at the forefront of the electrification and ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) revolution.

In 2022, Valeo established the Circular Electronics Lab in Nevers, focusing on a unique Reman approach for rapid, high-quality product development, testing, and delivery.

Collaborating with Stellantis, Valeo successfully launched a remanufactured video camera within a year, saving up to 99% of natural resources compared to new ones. This camera, the first of its kind from Valeo, offers the same 2-year warranty and performance as new parts. Stellantis is the first car-maker to integrate it in its aftersales offer and making it a trailblazer of an entire new product line dedicated to ADAS in the SUSTAINera REMAN range, thus counting now 38 product lines. SUSTAINera, the label identifying the Stellantis circular economy spare parts offer, guarantees up to 80% of raw material savings and up to 50% of non-emitted CO2 compared to equivalent new parts*. Valeo is the first supplier to implement the new SUSTAINera security labels, which prominently display the new Circular Economy label.

Stellantis has also launched a sustainable packaging solution for remanufactured parts. Valeo is the first to implement for the reman video cameras, the newly designed SUSTAINera eco-packaging. To promote sustainability both within and outside the packaging, it is made from a substantial number of recycled materials and designed to be reusable. Moreover, the use of plastic bags has been avoided, which is in line with the future EU legislation on reducing, reusing, and recycling.

A skilled workforce with the necessary expertise is crucial for accelerating the circular economy and expanding remanufacturing to bring more sustainable products on the market. For this reason, Stellantis and Valeo are investing in employee development and upskilling, demonstrated through initiatives like at Valeo’s Circular Electronics Lab in Nevers, France, and Stellantis’ first SUSTAINera Circular Economy Hub inaugurated on November 23 at the Mirafiori site in Italy.

Alison Jones, Senior Vice President, Global Circular Economy, said “This is a great example of Stellantis and Valeo delivering new Remanufacturing products through Collaborative Supplier-Customer development for a Sustainable Future. Together, we are committed to achieving our challenge of being carbon net zero, ensuring sustainability for our customers, employees, company, and planet“.

Mino Yamamoto, Valeo Group Circular Economy Director, commented: “With a vision to make a positive contribution to preserve our planet’s resources, Valeo is continuously pushing boundaries to develop innovative solutions that promote the circular economy. Thanks to the upskilling of our employees in the Circular Electronics Lab of Nevers and successful collaboration with Stellantis, we are proud to expand our Reman range with the first remanufactured video cameras.

*Source: Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA) Europe. Values are given for information only, corresponding to the main seller of the similar products, and determined according to a methodology approved by an independent company (Sphera).

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