Valeo Group | 26 Jun, 2024 | 3 min

Valeo at Eurobike 2024

3-7 July 2024

From July 3 to 7, 2024, at Eurobike in Frankfurt, Valeo presents Valeo Cyclee™, its offer for eBikes.

As one of the market leaders in the vehicle electrification arena, Valeo is also addressing new forms of urban and soft mobility. Valeo launched in 2021, under the Valeo Cyclee™ brand, a revolutionary, high-performance electrical assistance solution integrating an automatic gearbox for cyclists. Furthermore, in order to provide a complete Valeo Cyclee™ offer, Valeo implemented a dedicated after sale service and has partnered with two French companies to produce the battery pack and provide all connectivity features. Finally, the handlebar-mounted display interface allows the rider to view all system performance information.

eBikes City, Trekking and SpeedBike, equipped with the Valeo Cyclee™ solutions will be present on the Valeo stand at the Eurobike 2024.

Valeo Cyclee™ 48V solution for bicycles manufacturers

The Valeo Cyclee™ 48V electric bicycle assistance system, is a set of complementary technologies combining performance, ease of use and adaptability to a variety of uses. It is also compact and lightweight, at less than 5 kilograms.

Valeo Cyclee™ 48V electric bicycle assistance system is also now more silent than ever with a noise level of the complete electric propulsion solution reduced of around -7dB. To reach this new level of NVH (noise, vibration & harshness) efficiency, the new version of the mid-drive unit Valeo Cyclee™ presents a new gear geometry, and additional ribs on the cover to smooth the vibrations and additional bridges on stator stacks. With this evolution, Valeo Cyclee™ mid drive unit offers the same noise level as other less powerful solutions.

Performance driven by 48V technology

Valeo’s electric motor is more efficient than the 24V or 36V motors that feature on the vast majority of electric bikes on the market today.

With a torque of 130 Newton meters, the assistance system can multiply the pedal torque by as much as eight, compared to the current average of five, allowing cyclists to ride comfortably and effortlessly in every situation.