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Valeo at Auto Shanghai 2017: New technologies for new initiatives

Shanghai, April 19, 2017 – At the 17th Auto Shanghai exhibition, Valeo has unveiled 14 innovations, reflecting the new challenges that the Asian continent is currently facing as well as the Group's commitment to supporting growth in China.

Serving the electrification, autonomous and connected car and new mobility services segments, these innovations demonstrate the Group’s remarkable ability to leverage growth opportunities across the auto industry to be able to offer products ever-geared to local requirements. To adapt to the growing environmental and social changes in the Chinese market, Valeo is exhibiting:

Three powertrain electrification systems to reduce pollutant emissions

  • 12-volt starter-alternator, turning the engine over silently without any vibrations and almost immediately with the slightest of efforts.
  • 48-volt belt-driven starter-alternator, a pragmatic and competitive solution to help the hybrid vehicle to become a widely-accepted technology.
  • High-voltage electric propulsion motor, for more power, less fuel.

Two filters and a sensor to ensure a healthy cabin environment.

  • Very high efficiency PM5 filter, trapping ultrafine particles.
  • Anti-allergenic cabin filter, neutralizing up to 96% of pollen-related allergens.
  • PM 5 sensor, giving passengers real-time information about the level of pollution inside and outside the vehicle.

Three thermal systems to keep the car cabin at a comfortable temperature and maintain the batteries at an ideal operating temperature

  • The electrically driven compressor (EDC) for cabin air conditioning and cooling the battery.
  • Battery thermal management system.
  • Heat pump system for optimal cabin heating and superior air conditioning performance, with a minimal impact on electric vehicle range.

Two artificial intelligence (AI) demonstrations to accelerate the development of automated driving

  • Race against the machine displayed at CES in Las Vegas in January 2017. This virtual game is being featured again to show the progress that has been made by the machine after a few months in use.
  • A new SAWA human-machine interface (Situational AWAreness) presented in a world-first at the Shanghai exhibition as a 3D film reproducing the vehicle in its 360° environment in real time.

Four lighting and sensor cleaning systems for improved visibility both inside and outside

  • LED technology with the second generation of BiLED and PeopLED for rear lighting solutions enabling optimized thermal management.
  • Interactive lighting, an advantage that has come with the rise of the automated car.
  • A full range of sensor cleaning solutions.

All of these technologies are the direct result of the growth strategy adopted by Valeo in recent years, with a focus on two priorities: innovation and development of operations in Asia and emerging countries, most particularly in China. In 2016 alone, Valeo devoted 1.6 billion euros to innovation-focused activities and significantly consolidated its presence and involvement in R&D with 13 dedicated centers set up in China.

The outcome is that 28% of Valeo’s total order intake now comes solely from China and the Group fully intends to stay on this path for the years ahead.

Valeo’s stand location: 4BC029 Hall 4.2 National Exhibition and Convention Center

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