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Valeo Rakovník: Producing technologies for safer roads and autonomous mobility

The site in the Czech Republic manufactures key automotive sensors contributing to safer mobility and technologies that are reinventing the interior experience.

Cutting-edge technologies for cars, state-of-the-art industrial experts, automated manufacturing, production facilities adhering to the highest industrial standards – that’s Valeo Rakovník in a few words. Every 10 seconds, a high-tech product rolls off the production line here.

The site, measuring at 11,000 square meters of production space and 2,300 square meters of office space, is one of Valeo’s six sites in the Czech Republic. The automotive tech company is counted as one of the largest employers in the automotive industry in the country.

In 2019, Valeo invested 35 million euros to construct a new plant and expand its operations in the region. In addition to a wide range of interior control panels and other human-machine interface (HMI) devices, 25 new production lines manufacture ultrasonic sensors and automotive cameras, which are crucial components for autonomous driving and automated parking functions.

“Already today, a vehicle can park without a driver thanks to our ultrasonic sensors or autonomously brake in front of an unexpected obstacle thanks to our automotive camera,” says Jakub Drahorád, general manager of the Rakovník plant. “With the extension in 2024 we will be also able to serve new customers with driver monitoring systems and launch new business for our ADAS zone controllers. Our factory is one of the most advanced automotive facilities in the region and we are continuously creating new job opportunities for highly skilled engineers in electronics and robotics,” he adds.

“Our team of experts developed several innovative manufacturing processes for decorative interior vehicle products such as the immersive dashboard,” adds Luděk Báchor, industrialization and digitalization manager of the plant. Among these manufacturing processes, we can include silicon sputtering, specific laser cleaning technology, robotic painting, and automated testing of haptic feedback. Fully automatic SMT lines for producing printed circuit boards are among the most modern in the entire industry.

Optics in detection cameras and mounting of printed circuit boards place extreme demands on cleanliness. The manufacturing spaces in the Rakovník plant meet the strictest cleanliness standards of ISO class 7, which is the globally accepted standard for classifying air cleanliness. Because of the plant’s adherence to these standards, the team is able to adapt and implement unique manufacturing processes tailored to produce innovative products for the latest car models of prestigious automakers.

In 2023, Valeo won a CES Innovation Award in the Vehicle Technology and Advanced Mobility category for its Immersive Cabin Fascia product, which is now produced at the Rakovník plant for a high-end electric model of a premium European carmaker.

Rakovník is moving towards full digitalization of production flows. Ultramodern production lines here produce high-tech automotive components with high added value every 10 seconds. Assembly of printed circuit boards manufactured here form the heart of intelligent automotive cameras for autonomous driving. Another production range includes zone and domain controllers for tomorrow’s software-defined vehicles with centralized architectures. In the segment of ultrasonic and rain sensors, the local production here reaches an annual output of 12 million units.

Combining the highest industry standards with cleanliness and safety requirements essential for the mass production of electronic components, along with the award-winning products produced there, Valeo Rakovník has proved itself to be an important hub for the development and production of cutting-edge technologies for safer mobility.

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