Innovation / Products & Technology | 17 Oct, 2019 | 5 min
  • #CO2Reduction

Valeo at Busworld 2019 in Brussels

Press Kit / October 2019  

The Valeo innovations at the epicenter of the revolutions shaping passenger transportation.


From one revolution to another:
Increased electrification of buses and coaches and the innovations required in their air conditioning systems

  • Valeo REVO-E HP R744: Zero-emissions heating and cooling unit
  • Valeo SPump electric circulation pump family welcomes a new version
  • Valeo Thermo HV: A modular high-voltage heater
  • Valeo Minisphere-E rooftop a/c units: small e-cooling with strong impact

Batteries: Supplying energy to buses and coaches and driving innovation at Valeo

  • Valeo E-Cooler BTM: Affordable battery cooling and heating

Valeo, the technology leader at the epicenter of the revolutions shaping mobility

  • Strategically integrated areas of expertise
  • Valeo’s five innovations per day
  • A leader in AI for automotive and transportation applications

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