Valeo Group | 6 Mar, 2024 | 7 min

Valeo Changshu: Innovation in Electrification for China

The site has established itself as a key player for R&D and manufacturing high-voltage electric vehicle technologies in a competitive market leading the world in automotive sales and EV adoption.


The electric vehicle (EV) market in China, the world’s largest auto market, has been surging at an unprecedented pace, setting the benchmark for global EV adoption and innovation. In 2023, China solidified its place as the world’s number one and fastest growing market for electric vehicles. EV sales grew by 38% to 9.49 million units, accounting for a 31% market share. In response to this burgeoning demand, Valeo is driving innovation and production at its research and development hub and manufacturing facility in Changshu, dedicated to high-voltage electric vehicle technologies.

Valeo Changshu is an important production base for China’s electrification sector,” says site manager Steven Hu. “The site is designed to provide the core strength for the electric motor and electric powertrain system of new energy vehicles and to help accelerate the development of electrification in the automotive industry.

Established in July 2017 and located in the Changshu New & Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone, Jiangsu, China, the Valeo Changshu plant has rapidly emerged as a major player in the development and production of electric motors, inverters, and electric drive systems. Starting industrial-level production in October 2018, this facility is dedicated to supplying advanced electric drive systems globally, contributing significantly to the electric vehicles sector.

The entire site includes a 15,000-square meter production plant and a 3,500 square meter state-of-the-art R&D laboratory. The annual production capacity is set to soar, reaching 700,000 high-performance e-motors and 400,000 inverters. This massive output is not just a number, it’s a significant contribution to supplying automakers worldwide and facilitating a cleaner, low-emissions future globally.

At the forefront of technological innovation, the Valeo Changshu plant has increased innovation development of 800V electric powertrains, silicon carbide (SiC), hair-pin, and other technologies. This unwavering pursuit of innovation accelerates the evolution of existing products and propels the development of new offerings of tailored solutions for local and global customers.

We set the benchmark for electrification technologies,” says Qingfeng Chen, an R&D Manager. “When I joined Valeo, I knew it was a company with a long history in automotive innovation, and we continue leading innovation in mobility with our high-voltage electric technologies.”

Valeo has made significant strides in eAxle powertrains, electric motors, and inverters. Its advanced electric motor technology features high power density, while the versatile inverter platform offers a wide power range with efficient, high-density solutions for OEMs. The integrated electric powertrain systems set new standards in power density, noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) performance, and cost optimization. Moreover, Valeo’s focus on scalable power levels, chassis compatibility, and diverse topologies underscores its commitment to rapid, market-responsive development.

Becky-Qi Zhang, working in Quality Assurance, highlights the dedication to excellence at Valeo. “My job is to look out for the customer,” she says. “Our team makes sure every product we deliver is the absolute best. Everything we do here is to make mobility cleaner through electrification.

Yulong Chen, an eMotor Process Engineer, echoes Becky-Qi Zhang. “It’s truly a team effort building the future of mobility,” says Chen.

Our team is growing so we can continue scaling production to make electric vehicles more accessible to everyone,” says Chen.

The Valeo Changshu plant is not just an industrial facility, it’s a hub of innovation and quality focused on creating the future of cleaner mobility with electrification technologies. The plant’s commitment to setting the benchmark in electrification technologies, ensuring product excellence, and fostering teamwork shines through its teams. This facility is a cornerstone in Valeo’s mission to make electric vehicles an integral contribution to cleaner mobility and a more sustainable world.