Innovation / Products & Technology | 19 Apr, 2021 | 5 min

Valeo Innovations – Solutions to Mobility Challenges

Shanghai Auto Show – April 2021


Valeo at the 2021 Shanghai Auto Show
Providing new technologies to meet the challenges of modern mobility, where China is leading the way

Valeo, innovating for cleaner mobility in a country on the rebound and beyond

  • Valeo’s 48V systems adapted to all new forms of mobility
  • High-powered electricity designed with China and for China, from the start
  • No electric vehicles without thermal systems:
    Valeo presents two world firsts at the Shanghai Auto Show

Valeo, innovating for safer mobility on roads in China and worldwide

  • Detect, protect, inform: Valeo’s health shield to keep travel virus-free
  • Assisted driving, protected driving
  • Valeo’s 360° lighting technology,
    see and be seen more clearly for greater protection

Valeo, innovating for smarter mobility in Asia’s largest country and all over the world

  • Valeo presents its autonomous electric delivery droid
  • Valeo Mobility Kit, the best in shared intelligence

Valeo, leader in technology at the epicenter of the transformations shaping mobility, firmly established in China

  • Valeo, a leader in each of its businesses
  • Valeo, firmly established in China

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