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Valeo to make its debut at Eurobike with the world’s most high-performance electric assistance system for bikes

Valeo, the world leader in automotive electrification, is set to make its debut at Eurobike, the leading global trade show for the bike business. From September 1 to 4, 2021, the Group will be in Friedrichshafen, Germany, to present its Smart e-Bike System, the most high-performance electric assistance system for bikes to date.

At its stand, Valeo will showcase three prototypes featuring its technology: a city bike, a mountain bike and a three-wheeled cargo bike for transporting loads.

Previously unavailable on the market, the Valeo technology developed in partnership with France‑based Effigear comprises a 48V electric motor and a seven-speed automatic, adaptive gearbox in a single unit located in the pedal assembly. With a torque of 130 Newton meters, it provides the best electric assistance for bikes to date.

The adaptive automatic transmission, which is a world first for electric bikes, uses a predictive algorithm to instantly adjust to each cyclist’s needs. The gears shift in less than 100 milliseconds regardless of the conditions, with no buttons or levers needing to be pressed. Thanks to Valeo, electric bikes can now benefit from the same advantages as cars in terms of adaptive automatic gearboxes.

Depending on the model, the Valeo Smart e-Bike System also includes:

  • a braking energy recovery function that extends the battery range;
  • a boost function that makes it easier to overtake other cyclists and climb hills;
  • reversing and pedestrian push-assist functions for cargo bikes, which are particularly useful when performing maneuvers while carrying heavy loads;
  • an anti-theft function integrated directly into the pedal assembly that, when activated, blocks the use of the bike;
  • a dashboard that shows speed, gear, battery level and maintenance alerts.

Valeo has already received orders from several customers for its technology, which is aimed at both bike manufacturers and fleet managers. Production for the first city bike to be fitted with its technology will begin in France in April 2022, for a leading French manufacturer.

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