Valeo Group | 22 Apr, 2021 | 2 min

Valeo’s protective shield against Covid-19, designed for buses, named as top innovation by the VDA*

The Valeo UV Purifier, a system that uses UV rays to purify the air in buses and coaches, has been named as the year’s top innovation by the VDA*. The award was announced yesterday, on World Creativity and Innovation Day 2021.

This Valeo technology is currently the world’s most powerful air sterilization system for bus and coach cabins. It eliminates more than 95% of viruses, including Covid-19, as well as any bacteria or mold present in the air within vehicles traveling with passengers on board.

Its effectiveness against SARS‑CoV‑2 has been scientifically proven by the Frankfurt University Hospital and the Institute for Laser Technologies in Medicine and Metrology at the University of Ulm (ILM).

The tests carried out by the ILM confirmed that Valeo’s UV purifier has the ability to eliminate viruses with 95% efficiency in a single airflow cycle. The tests also show that the air change rate is very efficient – higher than the level recommended by the World Health Organization to limit the risk of infection by the spread of airborne viruses and bacteria.

The Valeo UV Purifier system is part of the overall innovation strategy pursued by the Group, which aims to achieve mobility that is smarter – by reducing its impact on global warming – less energy-intensive, safer, capable of taking care of people and their health, and more easily shared with as many people as possible thanks to its affordability.

With this strategy in place, Valeo is currently the world leader in air conditioning and treatment systems for buses and coaches.


More about the UV purifier:


* The VDA (Verband der Automobilindustrie), the German association of automotive manufacturers and leading automotive suppliers, sets the standards used in the German automotive industry. Its headquarters are located in Berlin.

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