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2017 Busworld Europe Exhibition

Valeo at the heart of the bus and coach electrification revolution.    

Paris, October 19, 2017 – At the 24th Busworld Europe exhibition in Kortrijk, Belgium, Valeo is presenting its latest innovations for buses and coaches.

The technologies on display at its stand are designed to keep the cabin interior at an optimal temperature for passengers, regardless of the weather, the nature and duration of the journey and the powertrain type.

The lineup of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) solutions is specifically designed for electric and hybrid buses and coaches and meets today’s climate challenges by offering a smarter, more efficient way of consuming energy. The following technologies are being showcased:

  • The REVO-E Global range of electric roof units: a comprehensive solution for electric buses and coaches that optimizes HVAC performance in the cabin while minimizing the impact on vehicle range.
  • The Battery Cooler: a battery cooling system that maintains the temperature of the battery cells in hybrid and electric vehicles for optimal longevity and performance.
  • The Heat Pump: a reversible, environmentally friendly heat pump that heats, cools and demists electric vehicle cabins without using any chemical refrigerants.

Valeo’s innovations also include advances in minibus equipment and heating technologies.

  • The Valeo Minisphere rooftop air conditioner: the lightest air conditioning solution on the market, adapted to all minibuses.
  • The Valeo Thermo plus and Thermo E+ heating units: offering high performance, durability and cost?effectiveness.

By manufacturing lighter components and optimizing heat exchange in powertrains, Valeo is able to propose innovations that boost vehicles’ range while reducing their environmental impact.

These products underline Valeo’s ability to develop high-tech, widely affordable innovations that address the need for greener, simpler and smarter driving.

With its innovation-focused strategy, Valeo currently ranks first or second worldwide in each of its businesses, and boasts technological leadership in the three areas that are disrupting the automotive industry – powertrain electrification, autonomous vehicles and the digital revolution. The Group has harnessed these disruptions to drive remarkable growth.

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