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Valeo wins three awards at the Coyote Innovation Awards

The second Coyote Automobile Awards, held on November 28, 2019 in Paris, shone a spotlight on Valeo innovation.

No fewer than three of the Group’s innovations won awards, including 1st prize for the Valeo reversible charger in the “Green Innovation” category, 1st prize for Valeo XtraVue Trailer in the “Safety” category and 3rd place for Valeo Voyage XR in the “Techno Innovation” category.

Let’s take a look back at these three Valeo innovations that were unveiled to the public in 2019.

Valeo’s reversible charger: The vehicle becomes a link in the power grid.

Electricity consumption tends to peak around the end of the working day, as people return to their homes at around the same time. The same phenomenon is observed all over the world. And it’s even more pronounced in winter, when heating, lighting and domestic appliances are running at the same time, and when energy is no longer being produced through solar power. This is where electric vehicles can come into play, by injecting into the power grid the energy they have built up during the day. 

Valeo Charge and Share

When an electric vehicle connects to a charging station, it is usually to draw power for charging its batteries. But one of the Valeo innovations presented in Shanghai this year offers a new take on the connection between electric vehicles and the power grid. Indeed, using Valeo’s ingenious reversible charging system, electric vehicle batteries will be able to store excess electricity and return it to the grid when needed.Not only does Valeo’s reversible charger charge the vehicle batteries, it can also send electricity from the vehicle either to the existing power grid, using Vehicle to Grid (V2G) technology, or to a specific electric device, using Vehicle to Load (V2L) technology.

Valeo Voyage XR, a virtual voyage? Bringing teleportation to life!

Valeo’s innovation, Valeo Voyage XR, is able to simulate the virtual presence in the vehicle of a person based at an outside location during the journey. Drawing on the broad range of technologies developed by Valeo (cameras, sensors, telematics, human-machine interface, etc.), Valeo Voyage XR can create the illusion that the person you choose is right by your side, even if they are not in the vehicle and even if they are actually on the other side of the world. Interaction is achieved by sound and image in real time. The avatar of your co-passenger appears in the rearview mirror while the “stationary” virtual passenger enjoys an immersive experience using a virtual reality headset and controls. As well as the safety of remote controls, Valeo Voyage XR opens the way for a whole new world of onboard communications.

Valeo Voyage XR video poster

Valeo Voyage XR

Valeo XtraVue Trailer, towing an invisible load.

The first of its kind on the market, Valeo XtraVue Trailer is an innovation that enables drivers to see what is happening on the road behind their trailer or caravan, an invaluable driving assistance system that makes vehicles easy to maneuver and safer to drive. The system uses video cameras fitted at the rear of a vehicle and the rear of a trailer or caravan. Feeding into a single homogeneous image, it allows drivers to see what is going on behind their vehicle on a small display located in front of them, as if their trailer or caravan had disappeared, making maneuvers easier than ever, whatever the size of the trailer or caravan being pulled. Drivers can change lanes, reverse and park, all with full control over their environment.

Valeo Xtravue Trailer