Alexandre Dayon’s biography

Independent Director – Chairman of the Governance, Appointments and Corporate Social Responsibility and of the Compensation Committee, Member of the Strategy Committee

Portrait of Alexandre Dayon, Independent Director and Member of the Strategy Committee

Alexandre Dayon, a French and American entrepreneur, brings to the Board of Directors recognized experience in the digital, software and more generally new technology sectors. His professional background, mainly in the United States but also in France, also allows the Board of Directors to benefit from his vision as an entrepreneur and a corporate officer.

Alexandre Dayon began his career in 1989 when he contributed to the creation of BusinessObjects, a company specialized in decision-making analysis, where he notably led the Products team for 10 years. He then founded, managed and developed InStranet, a software company for call centers, in the United States. He joined Salesforce when it acquired InStranet in 2008 and has held, for 10 years as part of the Management Committee, key operational positions as President in charge of Product and Product Marketing, which have contributed to the growth of Salesforce.

He then led strategic initiatives at Salesforce, working closely with major international customers, notably in the automotive sector, and was Chairman of the Advisory Board and then President, Special Advisor to the Chief Executive Officer until April 30, 2024.

Knight of the National Order of Merit (Chevalier de l’Ordre National du Mérite).

Alexandre Dayon is an engineer, graduate of CentraleSupélec.

He is of French and American nationality and speaks French and English.