Bietigheim-Bissingen – Comfort & Driving Assistance Systems

The Valeo site in Bietigheim-Bissingen is located at Laiernstraße and forms the Valeo Mobility Technology Campus Bietigheim.

The site, which is itself part of the Comfort and Driving Assistance Systems Business Group, focuses on research, development, testing and sales of future-oriented systems for active safety, parking and driver assistance and automated driving.  This includes advanced and design-oriented components and sensors for intuitive vehicle operation and infotainment. 

Around 1.200 employees work every day to make individual transport even safer and more comfortable for our society in the future. State-of-the-art research laboratories as well as our own test centers at the highest level support the employees in researching and developing pioneering solutions in the field of automated and intuitive driving concepts.

The numerous products developed or researched at the site include, for example, multifunctional front cameras, lidar sensors, ultrasonic sensors, advanced radar sensing technology as well as various software and roof modules.

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The focus at the site

Research, Development, Validation and Sales of:

  • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)
  • Automated Driving Functions
  • Active Safety Systems
  • Park Assistance Systems
  • Human-Centered Interior Solutions/Interior Cocoon
  • Interactive Surfaces
  • Augmented Reality
  • Steering Wheel Hub

Products at the site

  • Multifunction Front Cameras
  • Smart- and Satellite Cameras 
  • LiDAR Sensors
  • Radar Sensors
  • Ultrasonic Sensors
  • Rain Sensors
  • Zone Control Units
  • High Performance Processing Units
  • Software for Perception and Vehicle Control
  • Driver Monitoring Systems
  • Interior Monitoring Systems
  • Life Presence Detection 
  • Displays
  • Window Lifter
  • Dome Module 
  • Head-up Displays
  • Hands on Detection
  • Steering Wheel Switches
  • Torque Sensors

Working in Bietigheim-Bissingen

Bietigheim-Bissingen is located in Baden-Württemberg in the Middle Neckar Valley between the state capital Stuttgart and Heilbronn, not far from where the Enz flows into the Neckar. Particularly noteworthy is the historic old town of Bietigheim, which has developed over centuries and has been able to retain its medieval character. Historical highlights include the town hall, built in 1507, the Hornmoldhaus town museum, which is one of the most important Renaissance buildings in southern Germany, and the Latin school. Together they shape the historic townscape. Bietigheim-Bissingen is known for its markets such as the horse market, the Krämermarkt and the Christmas market. The ice hockey team “SC Steelers” (DEL) is known far beyond the region. The region around Bietigheim-Bissingen is also highly regarded as a “wine region” and all kinds of boat trips. are possible on the river Enz.

Social commitment & activities at the site

At the Bietigheim-Bissingen site, employees are regularly offered employee events (like the Christmas market, Family Day etc.). In addition, regular participation in the Bietigheim company run and the city’s New Year’s Eve run is on the agenda. Employees at the site are offered a wide range of wellbeing measures, such as health check-ups (lectures, exercise breaks, healthy snacks), but also support for employees in private matters through a family service. Social commitment is a priority at the location, with regular campaigns and donations to needy children or to old people’s homes/hospices.

Sustainability at the site

The topic of sustainability is also actively addressed at the Bietigheim-Bissingen site. For example, measures such as photovoltaics, district heating, LEDs and the energy-efficient adaptation of buildings are gradually being implemented as part of the Group-wide CAP 50 program. In addition, an Environment Day and a World Bee Day were organized for employees last year to bring the topic of sustainability closer to them.




First development of our ultrasonic sensor by Mr. Anton Lill and his team. At that time this ultrasonic sensor was the only one used in the in series production at a German automobile manufacturer


Integration of the Division - ITT Electrical Systems into Valeo Germany GmbH


Founding of the Valeo Schalter und Sensoren GmbH


Opening of the new main building of Valeo Schalter and Sensors GmbH at Laiernstraße


Opening of further buildings in Laiernstraße


Opening of the Valeo Center for Active Safety in Stuttgarter Straße, Bietigheim-Bissingen.The focus of this center is on LiDAR, radar and front camera development


Opening of the Valeo test site in Laiern-/Etzelstraße


Opening of the building extension in Laiernstraße


Integration of three additional floors on the extended building in Laiernstraße


Development of the Valeo SCALA® laser scanner. This sensor was the first laser scanner to be used in series production. It represents a key technology in the development of highly automated driving


Opening of our second Active Safety Center in the Stuttgarter Straße


Integration of the Active Safety Center into Laiernstraße. Expansion to the Valeo Mobility Technology Campus Bietigheim. Integration of our Car Lab in Bietigheim as an innovation unit, which innovates using a transversal and user-centered approach and supports the development projects at the site


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