Bietigheim-Bissingen – Comfort & Driving Assistance Systems

The Valeo Comfort & Driving Assistance Systems Business Group is also located in Bietigheim-Bissingen (Laiernstraße).

The prevailing focus at this site is on the research, development and sales of advanced driver assistance and active safety systems, parking assistance systems and automated driving systems. We also have in-depth knowledge and experience in the field of intuitive controls like head-up displays, interactive surfaces and smart switches.

Around 1,400 engineers, developers and project members are committed to bringing vehicle safety and comfort to another level. The highest standards at the Valeo research laboratories and test tracks support our excellent staff here in Bietigheim to develop pioneering solutions for smarter cars.

Together, we at Valeo in Bietigheim do the research required to drive the change towards automated and intuitive driving concepts.

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Our technical facilities

The focus at the site

Research and development, testing, marketing and sales of:

Automated technologies

  • Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and active safety systems
  • Parking assistance systems
  • Automated driving systems

Intuitive controls

  • Interior Cocoon
  • Augmented reality – head-up displays
  • Interactive surfaces
  • Smart switches

History at a Glance

First development of our ultrasonic sensor in Bietigheim-Bissingen by Anton Lill and his team. This was the first ultrasonic sensor to be invented which made it to automotive volume production at a German car manufacturer.

Integration of the ITT Electrical Systems division in the Valeo Company.

Opening of the new main Comfort & Driving Assistance Systems building in Laiernstraße, Bietigheim-Bissingen.

Opening of additional building in Laiernstraße, Bietigheim-Bissingen.

Opening of the Valeo Active Safety Center with its prevailing focus on the development of LiDAR, radar and front camera in Stuttgarter Straße, Bietigheim-Bissingen.

Opening of Valeo test track in Laiernstraße, Bietigheim-Bissingen.

Opening of our third extension building in Laiernstraße, Bietigheim-Bissingen.

Integration of three additional floors in our extension building, Laiernstraße.

Development of Valeo’s SCALA® laser scanner. This is the first laser scanner to be developed for automotive volume production. This technology is a key enabler for highly automated driving.

Opening of our second Active Safety Center in Stuttgarter Straße, Bietigheim-Bissingen.


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