Bringing electric mobility to everyone

The shift to electric power is a response to new regulations being brought in by many cities and national governments around the world. Spurred on by the “dieselgate” scandals, this trend is increasing the need for ever-cleaner engines, including fully electric ones in some places.

The transition to electric cars will take some time and traditional internal combustion engines will still be on roads for some years to come. In light of this, Valeo’s Powertrain Systems Business Group is working to optimize traditional engines by producing air loop management solutions and high-precision sensors that effectively reduce emissions.

At the same time, Valeo is investing heavily in the development of fully electric powertrain systems. With low voltage 48V technology, Valeo offers a simpler and more affordable solution than conventional high voltage technologies. 48V technology offers ideal performance levels for urban use, and can easily be adapted to all types of vehicles: fully electric city cars, rechargeable hybrid family cars, self-driving shuttles, three-wheelers for the Asian market, and two-wheelers.