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Long-range LiDAR Sensors SCALA™ 3

Last update: 05 Mar. 2024

What is a Long-range LiDAR Sensor ?

Building on over 12 years of automotive-grade LiDAR experience, Valeo’s SCALA™ Gen 3 Long Range LiDAR Sensor is at the forefront of advanced driving technology. With its outstanding performance, the SCALA™ gen 3 enables level 3-4 highway and urban autonomous driving, enhancing both safety and level 2+ functions. This technology draws from our substantial experience in releasing automotive-grade LiDARs, including the successful SCALA™ Gen 2, the key enabler for the Mercedes Level 3 Traffic Jam Pilot.

The SCALA™ gen 3 offers a superior performance trade-off, providing excellent range-resolution and frame rate for its point cloud data. With our proprietary algorithms, the long range LiDAR sensor can effectively detect and classify objects in all kinds of weather conditions. It boasts reliable small object detection capabilities, crucial for high-speed highway driving, and mature lane marking detection.

The LiDAR sensor’s slim and satellite design allows it to be installed anywhere on the vehicle. It provides an impressive range of over 190 meters at 10% reflectivity, with a 120° horizontal and 26° vertical field of view. The SCALA™ Gen 3 also features a fine 0.05° horizontal and vertical resolution and delivers 12.5 million points per second at 10 frames per second. Despite these powerful capabilities, the long range LiDAR sensor maintains a slim profile, measuring only 186 x 46 x 136 mm (WxHxD).

Valeo is the leader in automotive LiDAR expertise with almost 200,000 SCALAs™ on the road. Our in-house software stack ensures optimal real-life perception, making the SCALA™ Gen 3 a key enabler for OEMs with approved Level 3 functions on the road. To guarantee performance in all conditions, we’ve integrated LiDAR sensor heating and an in-house cleaning system.

In summary, Valeo’s SCALA™ Gen 3 Long Distance LiDAR Sensor is a testament to our commitment to advancing autonomous driving technology, delivering superior performance, versatility, and reliability in a compact design.

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What are our long distance LiDAR Sensors benefits?

  • High performance trade-off, point cloud range-resolution & frame rate
  • Proprietary algorithms for detection & classification in all kind of weather
  • Reliable small-objects detection for high-speed highway driving
  • Mature lane markings detection
  • Satellite slim sensor that can be installed anywhere on the vehicle

Valeo long-range LiDAR Sensors specifications

  • +190 meter range at 10% reflection
  • 120° horizontal / 26° vertical field of view (FoV)
  • 0.05° horizontal / vertical resolution
  • 12.5 million points/sec. (10 fps)
  • 186 x 46 x 128 mm (WxHxD)

Unique Selling Points

  • Leading automotive LiDAR expertise with almost 200,000 SCALA™ on the road
  • In-house software stack for optimal real-life perception
  • Key enabler for both OEMs with approved Level 3 and level 4 functions on the road
  • Integrated sensor heating and in-house cleaning
  • 200,000

    SCALA™ on the road to date

Vehicle type

  • Passenger car
  • Bus
  • Robot taxi
  • Motorcycle
  • Bike
  • Droid
  • Off road

SCALA™ benefits animation

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