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Gear Reducer

Last update: 04 Sep. 2023

What is a gear reducer in a vehicle?

The reducer, also named gear reducer or speed reducer, is a solution to adjust the number of revolutions of the electric motor and convey those revolutions to the vehicle’s wheels.

It ensures the same function as a transmission in a conventional vehicle.


What are Valeo Gear reducer benefits?
Valeo designs its gear reducer to ensure optimum costs and lead time as well as product reliability by optimizing

  • Efficiency
  • NVH
  • Power density
  • Gear shift comfort
  • Cost

Valeo Gear reducer specifications

  • Valeo offers a range of reducers from 700 Nm to 4,500 Nm
  • Efficiency up to 97%
  • With active cooling available
  • Disconnect available
  • Park Lock available
  • Affordable multi-speed design availble
  • Affordable torque vectoring design available

Vehicle type

  • Passenger car
  • Bus
  • Truck
  • Robot taxi
  • Motorcycle
  • Bike
  • Droid
  • Off road


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