Financial Results | 10 Nov, 2016 | 5 min

Determination of the final price of the “tap issue” of USD 125 million non-dilutive cash-settled convertible bonds

Paris, France, November 10, 2016 - In connection with the “tap issue” of non-dilutive cash-settled convertible bonds (the “New Bonds”) with a nominal amount of USD 125 million, fully fungible with and assimilated to the non-dilutive cash-settled convertible bonds due June 2021 issued by Valeo on June 2016 (the “Original Bonds”, together with the New Bonds, the “Bonds”), Valeo (“Valeo”) hereby notifies the purchasers of the New Bonds of the following determination and calculations:

  • The Additional Issue Share Reference Price of this tap issue is EUR 50.5537;
  • The reference FX rate (being the fixing reference rate EUR/USD on November 10, 2016) is EUR 1 = USD 1.0880; and
  • The Final Tap price that was determined following the reference period is USD 214,440.74 per New Bond.

The price of the cash-settled call options purchased by Valeo to hedge its exposure to pay cash amounts upon any potential exercise of conversion rights embedded in the New Bonds will be adjusted for an equal amount.

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Detailed information on Valeo, including its business, results, prospects and related risk factors are described in Valeo’s reference document filed with the AMF on 25 March 2016 under number D.16-0211, together with all the press releases and other regulated information about Valeo, which are available on Valeo’s website (

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