eAccess, the 48 Volts electrification solution for light electric cars

The scalable and affordable electrification solution for light urban mobility already awarded by the automotive makers.

The smart, affordable and versatile 48-volt solution for light cars

Valeo is the pioneer and world leader in 48 Volts automotive systems. Valeo’s 48 Volts electric machines are “chameleons” and they can be mounted in different positions within the vehicle, depending on the automaker’s requirements. That is what turns Valeo’s 48 Volts electrification systems into a “technological platform”. In addition to traditional cars, new small all-electric urban vehicles can be powered solely by Valeo 48 Volts systems. This on-growing market includes autonomous shuttles, robotaxis, two, three, light four electric wheelers and even delivery droids. At a changing time where people are more and more concerned about their impact on the environment, the acceleration of electric urban mobility beyond traditional passenger cars, especially on light vehicles’ scope, is undeniable and Valeo is offering an affordable and versatile electrification solution based on smart reuse of the recent 48 Volts automotive innovation giving the dedicated solution of Valeo’s 48 Volts eAccess machine.

A simple, affordable and powerful solution for light cars

Addressing perfectly the latest environment regulations requiring to reduce fuel consumption and CO² emissions on the average fleet as well as big cities demanding environment and health-friendly transportation technologies, the Valeo’s 48 Volts electric motor eAccess is the ideal technology to integrate in the powertrain architecture, as it does not need important or expensive modifications to existing designs nor stringent safety standards such as high-voltage solutions require.

eAccess allows an autonomy of 100 km for the electric vehicle

Valeo’s 48 Volts eAccess combines a Valeo’s 48 Volts Belt Starter Generator coming from the 48 Volts electrical propulsion platform which has already reached sufficient maturity to become standard equipment for the premium and classical automobile market, and a gear reducer with an innovative ribbed elastic Belt to create a full eDrive propulsion system. This All-in-One solution is a unique automobile powertrain transmission system in the automotive industry landscape and shows the Valeo expertise and its capacity to propose a modular approach for the quickly-growing market of light powertrain vehicles. Giving the possibility to reach between 45kph to 100 kph and with an electric autonomy average of 100 km, the Valeo’s 48 Volts eAccess is also matching the noise, vibration & harshness (NVH) high performance standards (e.g. 75 RPM/250 Nm) and registers in a medium and long-term strategy to reduce the environmental footprint impact of the automotive industry (end-of-life recycling, recycled material cover).

The Valeo’s 48 Volts eAccess is a real game changer in the electric propulsion industry, as it provides an affordable and easy to integrate electrification solution for faster adoption of electric mobility, a necessity to comply with growing environmental regulations.