Erlangen – Valeo Power Division

The Valeo site in Erlangen is the center for research and development of high-voltage electrical technologies.

Approximately 840 employees from almost 50 different countries work in Erlangen for the Valeo Power Division and are dedicated to the growth market of electric mobility. The Erlangen site also comprises two sub-sites in the Gundstraße in Erlangen and in nearby Herzogenaurach. 

The site is home to a center for the research and development of high-voltage electric technologies, especially for the inverters for (plug-in) hybrid and fully electric vehicles. Furthermore, the Erlangen site has a sample shop and a wide range of testing and validation facilities for electric motors, integrated powertrain systems, power electronics and complete vehicles. 

Another highlight is the in-house Software Test Center, which offers fully automated and standardized software tests around the clock.

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The focus at the site

  • Development of inverters
  • Research into future trends in electric mobility for high-voltage power electronics (>48 V)
  • Testing and validation of electric motors, integrated powertrain systems, power electronics and complete vehicles in various test facilities (motor test bench, system test bench, electric motor emulator, vehicle test bench, EMC chamber)
  • Sample shop and prototyping
  • Software test center for 24/7 software testing with fully automated and standardized test systems

Products at the site

  • Electric motors
  • Integrated powertrains
  • Inverters
  • Onboard charger

Working in Erlangen

With a population of just over 111.000, the university city Erlangen is one of a total of eight major cities in Bavaria. Erlangen has a rich history: In 1002, the city was first mentioned in a document. Around 400 years later, Erlangen was granted city rights. The Huguenots, who fled to Erlangen in the 17th century, have had a decisive influence on today’s cityscape. Today the city is a leading location for the technology industry in northern Bavaria and the Nuremberg metropolitan region.

With its central location, Erlangen is an ideal starting point for a wide range of outdoor and indoor leisure activities. In the Nuremberg / Fürth / Erlangen Metropolitan Region, numerous sports clubs offer a variety of team and individual sports. Those who prefer a cozy atmosphere will find what they are looking for in one of the many breweries and beer gardens or cellars.

In the surrounding area of Erlangen there are worthwhile excursion destinations such as historic towns, amusement parks, zoos/wildlife parks or cycling and hiking trails in Franconian Switzerland.

Activities at the site

At the Erlangen site, employees are offered regular employee events (summer party, autumn party, Family & Friends Day, Christmas party). In addition, the company’s participation in the B2Run company run in Nuremberg has been on the agenda for several years.

As part of the “Long Night of Science”, the Erlangen site has also been opening its doors to inquisitive visitors from the metropolitan region of Nuremberg, Erlangen and Fürth for several years. These can gain a comprehensive insight into the drive technology for the mobility of tomorrow by means of exhibitions, presentations, live tests in the test and validation area or even test drives with electric vehicles.

Sustainability at the site

At the Erlangen site, the Health, Safety and Environment Department disposes of around 300 tonnes of waste per year. In order to be able to dispose of this waste properly, the site has a recycling depot that can cover disposal needs ranging from banana peels to complete inverters.

The depot focuses primarily on recyclable materials such as aluminum, copper and plastic. In addition, the professional disposal of sensitive materials and hazardous substances is taken care of. Waste generated at the office workplaces is also sorted and disposed of at the recycling depot.

Almost all waste produced is either used for energy or recycled. In this way, the finite resources are conserved and the energy required for the extraction of raw materials is avoided. Furthermore, the reuse of raw materials and resources reduces local pollution, which has a positive impact on groundwater.




First collaboration of Siemens & Valeo


Signing of strategic cooperation with a Swedish OEM


Signing of a joint venture with a Chinese OEM


Creation of the joint venture Valeo Siemens eAutomotive


Expansion of the Erlangen site to include the Herzogenaurach sub-site


Valeo acquires Valeo Siemens eAutomotive


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