The Finance department combines the activities in controlling, accounting/reporting, taxes and cash management at Valeo. In this working environment, you will be responsible for the commercial side of the company and ensure that processes run smoothly at group, division, plant or department level. Employees who have a high affinity for numbers and an understanding of business contexts are particularly in demand. In addition, we are looking for people who think in an analytical, process- and goal-oriented manner and who like to drive projects and create new impulses.


In Controlling, you act as an interface between all business areas and the management. You check, create and secure all financial and cost flows in the company. As an equal partner, you support the operationally responsible persons in decision-making. Together with the business units, you plan budgets and resources and monitor their compliance. Based on the defined key figures, you monitor the company’s performance and initiate countermeasures, thus making a significant contribution to Valeo’s corporate success.

Accounting / Reporting

In Accounting / Reporting, you primarily keep track of the current financial accounting. You manage receivables, liabilities, fixed assets and provisions. You ensure that current activities are correctly reflected in the balance sheet and income statement. In interaction with the head office, you ensure that reporting is complete and correct according to international accounting standards. You are also responsible for the financial statements according to local commercial law. In regular exchange with the locations, open reporting issues are clarified and support is provided for various topics and projects. As part of our internal control system (ICS), you document the implementation of controls to ensure correct and complete reporting.


In the area of taxes, you prepare the corporate income tax and trade tax returns of all German legal entities. In addition, you prepare the domestic and monitor the preparation of the foreign VAT returns. You are part of the due diligence team for M&A projects, accompany the various tax audits of the individual legal entities and prepare the transfer price documentation. You are in constant exchange with our internal and external partners in order to optimally adapt our tax strategies to Valeo’s business.

Cash Management

In this area, you will support the legal units in all bank-related issues. You control the worldwide payment transactions for the punctual settlement of all liabilities to suppliers and service providers. On the other hand, the management of receivables from customers as well as the monitoring and dunning of overdue receivables is also carried out here. To minimise financial risks, exchange rate risks are identified and short, medium and long-term liquidity is planned, controlled and communicated to the Group. The management of all existing bank accounts, signing authorities, guarantees and financial derivatives is also part of the range of tasks.

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