Since the revolution of mobility drive systems started, attention has been focused mainly on electric systems. But this revolution would not really be possible without innovative heat control systems. Valeo is contributing to the development of electric vehicles, thanks to its expertise in the thermal management of batteries and in air conditioning, fields in which the Group is one of the world leaders.

Traveling long distances in an electric vehicle is only possible if the batteries are used optimally. As with the human body, the operating temperature should always be monitored, protected, and maintained at the optimal level. If it is too cold, it does not deliver its full power. And if the temperature rises too high, the life time of the battery will be reduced, and it could even catch fire.

  • Valeo commands all the battery thermal management technologies that can be used in combination with the smart control of the complete system to achieve the best possible performances, both in the charging and working phases, while also protecting the battery’s longevity.
  • After the engine, the heating, cooling and demisting are the systems in a vehicle that consume the most energy. And they are used all year long, in both cold and warm weather. Therefore, these systems can very quickly reduce the range of electric vehicles, by consuming the electricity in the battery, which is no longer available to power the vehicle. Valeo is one of the world leaders in air conditioning systems. We have developed a heat management system for passenger compartments that uses a heat pump with a natural coolant to keep the vehicle’s occupants comfy all year long, with a minimal impact on the vehicle’s range.