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From R&D to engineering to supply chain management to sales and purchasing, Valeo offers jobs that are as diverse as they are rewarding. As we expand internationally, the recruitment opportunities and professional possibilities at Valeo are endless.

Global Player. Global Opportunities.

A global leader in the automotive industry and recognized as a Top Employer worldwide, Valeo offers a wealth of job opportunities that are as diverse as they are rewarding. Whether you are a new graduate, an experienced manager or looking for an internship, we invite you to apply if you wish you to start or develop your career with us.

Our recruitment process

Valeo’s recruitment process takes place over several stages, from pre-selection to interviews to onboarding once hired, and is specific to each country.

Search and Select your Job on the Valeo Job Portal.

Register on our portal in 10 minutes. We are only interested in your CV and certificates. We don't need a cover letter!

We will take a close look at your application and examine it for other open positions as well.

You could fit in with us? Then we invite you to a telephone interview.

Your documents will be sent to the Hiring Manager and there will be a technical interview (telephone) and a personal interview.

The job suits you, and you suit us. Then we start with your personal onboarding process.



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