In certain situations, on highways and dual-carriageways, and when the law so permits, drivers can hand over the control of longitudinal and lateral movements to the vehicle, but they remain responsible for supervising these maneuvers. In concrete terms, this means that drivers can take their hands off the wheel, but must keep their eyes on the road.

In 2016, the Group demonstrated its technological leadership in this field, with the world premier presentation of the Valeo Cruise4U technological demonstrator, which covers levels 2 and 3. This demonstrator was used in numerous unprecedented experiments, including tours of France, Europe, the United States and Japan, and a 24-hour trial on the Paris ring road.

Valeo has anticipated market demand by launching intermediate systems, between levels 2 and 3, that guarantee improved road safety (thanks to the use of three different types of sensors), while limiting the regulatory issues related to liability that are incurred by level 3.