Valeo Odor Free, the first odor neutralizer for cars based on neuroscience

Valeo’s odor eliminator: how does it work?

Valeo Odor Free is the first neuroscience-based technology for vehicles that neutralizes unpleasant odors. This system works by releasing a “neutral” fragrance that inhibits the cognitive perception of bad odors.

The car odor eliminator is a technological innovation based on vehicle onboard intelligence that was presented for the first time at the CES 2022 trade show in Las Vegas.

This concept is different from the classic car deodorizer with perfume or air freshener.

This is a wholly novel concept,” explained Pascale Herman, Head of Innovation in Valeo’s Thermal Systems Division. “The idea is not to mask the bad odor by adding a perfume, which would just mix with the unwanted smell. Rather, the system releases a neutral fragrance that modifies the signal received by the brain that activates the cognitive perception of the bad smell.

The diffusion of the neutral fragrance makes it possible to “redirect” the signal received by the brain which, as a result, no longer perceives the bad odor, whether it comes from tobacco, food, sweat or animals.

A medallion or a diffuser: 2 solutions to remove odors on board

This technology is based on the use of artificial intelligence and algorithms developed in cooperation with university researchers from the olfactory research laboratory at the Weizmann Institute in Israel. Valeo Odor Free, designed for both the original equipment market and the aftermarket, comes in two forms: either a medallion suspended from the rearview mirror, or a diffuser attached to the central air vent.

This automobile odor eliminator system has been tested to confirm the harmlessness of the fragrances and materials used (REACH standard) and complies with European standards (approved by IFRA, the International Fragrance Association).

What vehicles are concerned by the professional car odor eliminator Valeo?

Odor Free technology will be released on the market in the second half of 2022. This solution to improve interior comfort will also be available for shared transportation. It makes sense in shared mobility schemes such as fleets of vehicles, cabs, or rental cars. It can also be adapted to public transport, such as buses. The used car market is another outlet that can benefit from this solution as a deodorized second hand vehicle is easier to sell.

Odor Free technology was developed by Valeo’s R&D teams based at the Ecole Polytechnique campus in France, whose research focuses on improving health and well-being in the passenger compartment. In addition to Valeo Odor Free, the teams behind this technology are currently working on another aspect of the olfactory domain: how to use odors to positively influence the driver’s mood and alertness for a better, safer driving experience.