Jan Bosák – APU Manager

Jan Bosák

Autonomous Production Unit Manager, Žebrák production plant

What high school or university did you study? When did you finish the studies?

Jan Bosák – I have a high school education. I studied mechanical engineering industrial school and I successfully completed studies in 2004.

What was your first work experience after graduating from school?

J. B. – The first job I took as a member of a team of people in the sub-contractors company engaged in metal fabrication with the fact that after familiarization with the operation of the department this team I will lead. After a few months I realized that I’m too young for a leadership position and I don’t have enough experience, that’s why I decided to change the job.

What was your professional growth within the company Valeo Žebrák?

J. B. – I started from the position of the Quality Leader. In this position I led a team of about 6 people. I was offered the same position on another production department after about a year. The offer I accepted, so I can expand my knowledge and meet other production processes. After a year I got the opportunity of career growth to the position of the APU manager. In this position, I manage the entire production department, which consists of almost 200 employees. This offer was for me a huge challenge, which I enthusiastically accepted.

What are you at the position of manager responsible for?

J. B. – My responsibility is to manage the operation of the entire production department from the daily meetings and reporting, to long-term production planning, capacity and budgets. Also coaching the team and resolving daily operational issues.

How does your team work?

J. B. – Every member of my team is responsible for a specific area – production, quality, maintenance and also processes. These are primarily managers who also lead their teams. With the current team I am very satisfied. Each of them has a very high work commitment. Our department achieves good results thanks to this team.

According to which criteria do you select your team members?

J. B. – New colleagues to the team I choose on the basis of several criteria. Important are previous professional experience, the motivation of the candidate for the position and also how he personally enriches the existing team.

What do you consider your biggest work achievement during your career

J. B. – For greatest success I consider that I got the confidence from the management company. I manage one of the production departments on the position of the APU manager, and I could become part of a great dynamic team. It was a big career advancement for me, which opened new horizons and allowed me to gain additional valuable experience both with the management of the production, as well as of a larger team of people.

Could you describe with a few keywords the atmosphere in automotive manufacturing?

J. B. – Dynamism and reactivity.