Valeo Park4U® is the world's first automated parking assistance system. Our solutions make parking easier, more comfortable and safer.

What is automated parking and how does it work?

Valeo was first-to-market with an ultrasonic based parking assistance solution in 1991. Park4U® Remote was launched in 2016. This solution can perform both perpendicular and parallel parking and even enter and exit garages autonomously and safely, through the tip of your fingers using your smartphone. Our technology parks a vehicle in just a few seconds thanks to Ultrasonic sensors that scan the sides of the road to detect a suitable space.

Valeo’s automated parking system detects and measures available spaces

Using inexpensive ultrasonic sensors, the system detects and measures available spaces on the side of the road. Once a suitable parking space is identified, the driver is notified. The driver then can relax and have the car park itself with the system taking control of the steering, accelerator and brake. The driver can of course override the system at any time.

From entry to fully automated parking systems

Today, we are the worldwide market leader in parking assistance and parking automation.

With more than 30 years of experience and a continuous innovative mindset, Valeo offers today the full range of solutions, from entry park assist systems to fully automated parking systems.

  • Park4U® Remote can park your car with you watching it standing next to it and controlling the maneuver with your Smartphone.
  • Park4U® Home system enables vehicles to park in automated mode on private driveways.
  • Connected Automated Valet Parking enables drivers to leave their car at the parking lot entrance.