Valeo Park4U® an automated parking system to park easily

Parking is child’s play with the latest generation semi-automatic parking assistance system.

Valeo Park4U® parks a vehicle in just a few seconds. Ultrasonic sensors scan the sides of the road to detect a suitable space.

The parking maneuver takes place in the usual way, but in hands-free mode.

As soon as the car has stopped and the reverse gear has been engaged, the system takes over the steering, while the driver continues to control the speed of the vehicle with the accelerator and brake.

During the parking maneuver, ultrasonic sensors in front and to the rear help the driver to use the available space as efficiently as possible, providing additional security.

If the driver so wishes, the maneuver can be ended at any time: as soon as the steering wheel is touched, the system automatically deactivates.

An evolving parking technology

Following its debut in the Volkswagen Touran in 2007, Valeo Park4U® has become firmly established in the marketplace. The system is constantly evolving, and now offers parking both in parallel and at an angle to the curb.

A mere 40cm to the front and rear of the vehicle are enough for the system to park.

Valeo Park4U® can also help the driver exit a parking space.

The system measures the space to the front and rear of the vehicle and determines the best strategy for exiting the space.

While the driver controls the vehicle’s speed, the system takes over the steering, just as it does in parking. It detects the best moment to exit the space and automatically deactivates to let the driver merge into the traffic.

Park4U® Remote: a fully automatic parking solution

Valeo’s new-generation automatic parking system: while the system currently on the market offers the detection of spaces and automatic steering, leaving the driver to control the vehicle speed, Valeo Park4U® Remote (premiered at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show) is a fully automatic solution that even allows the driver to leave the vehicle before the parking maneuver, while retaining control via smartphone.

Valeo Park4U product
Valeo Park4U® is an automated parking technology from Valeo that allows drivers to park easily.
Valeo Park4U system demo
Valeo Park4U® parking assist system
Valeo Park4U system demo
Parking assistance
Valeo Park4U system demo in a parking lot
Valeo Park4U® system helps drivers to do their parallel parking better
Valeo Park4U system demo in a parking lot
Valeo Park4U® helps drivers to park in safety
Valeo Park4U system demo in a parking lot
Ultrasonic sensors at the front and rear guide the maneuver
Valeo Park4U system demo in a parking lot
An automated parking technology that enables to park in an easier way