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Safer mobility: Valeo Move Predict.ai

An artificial intelligence based technology that predicts road users’ intentions.

Valeo mobilite plus sure
Detect, Predict, Protect

Valeo Move Predict.ai, a technology unveiled as a world first at CES 2020, can detect vulnerable road users located in the vehicle’s immediate vicinity, such as pedestrians, cyclists, skaters and scooter riders, and predict their intentions. The technology is based on combining Valeo’s expertise in 360° perception around the vehicle, thanks to its sensors (latest generation of fisheye cameras and Valeo SCALA® LiDAR), with artificial intelligence.

Detailed analysis of the scene surrounding the vehicle

Valeo Move Predict.ai can perform a detailed analysis of the scene surrounding the vehicle, the behavior of road users, their level of attention or distraction, factoring in whether or not they are using a mobile phone for instance. It uses this information to predict their intentions, such as crossing the road, and associated trajectories. And it can then instantly alert the driver of potential risky behavior by a road user, activating the emergency braking system if necessary.

A major advance in active safety

Valeo mobilite plus sureValeo Move Predict.ai represents a major advance in active safety – one that could considerably reduce the number of accidents involving vulnerable road users and at the same time contribute to the development of autonomous driving in urban areas.

The technology can be fitted on cars as well as on new mobility vehicles such as robotaxis and delivery droids.

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