Strategic and Financial Outlook 2022 – 2025

Electrification, ADAS, reinvention of interior experience, and lighting… Valeo has all the expertise and technologies to be at the forefront of the transformation in mobility.

The automotive industry is undergoing the biggest transformation in its history. The accelerating trend towards electrification and driver assistance features, the reinvention of life in the vehicle, the increasingly important role of lighting… These megatrends will only grow in importance in the coming years. Our Move Up plan enables us to make the most of these four key areas where Valeo is at the forefront in terms of technology and manufacturing. In doing so, we will come out one of the biggest winners of the transformation.

“Our strategic plan “Move Up” covers the next four years and will make Valeo stronger, both technologically and financially. We will move up Valeo. In 2025, when the electrification and the ADAS markets will further accelerate, Valeo will be very strong and ready to profit from a decade of hyper-growth of its markets.
Move Up means capitalizing today on tomorrow’s mobility.
With Move Up, we are creating value now, and we are creating a stronger Group that will be capable tomorrow of leveraging the hyper-growth set to take place in its markets.”

Christophe Périllat, Valeo Chief Executive Officer 


As the world leader in the electrification of powertrain systems and number two in thermal management systems that ensure the performance and range of electric vehicles, Valeo is doubly well-positioned to benefit from the fastest growth shift to electric vehicles.

ADAS – Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems

Valeo is the world leader in driver assistance features, equipping one in every three new cars in the world. We are at the cutting edge of every technological sphere involved in supporting this market shift: sensors, software, data fusion, the vehicle’s brain enabling it to make the right decision, etc.

Interior experience

Our technological expertise also puts us in a position to advance the reinvention of life inside the vehicle. Driver assistance technologies alert the driver to inattention, allow passengers to stay in touch with their friends and family, and our smart surfaces provide a seamless interface between the car and the people in it.

Intelligent Lighting Systems

As electric and self-driving cars continue to be developed, lighting—another area in which Valeo is the world leader—will play a major role in style and distinctiveness. The sophisticated technology in modern lighting systems makes new features possible, such as road marking.