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Logistics teams at our sites at Valeo ensure that the planning, coordination, execution and control of goods flows runs smoothly. This requires experts who ensure exactly these smooth processes.

A distinction is made between 4 core departments: Procurement logistics, production logistics, distribution logistics and disposal logistics.

Our Jobs

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Logistic Engineer

The logistic engineer does the warehousing and material flow, plans the layout for optimal synergy in production logistics and takes care of prototype planning and delivery to the customer

Logistic Engineer

The special features as a Logistic Engineer are the control of warehousing and material flow, the planning of the location concept for an optimal production-logistic synergy and the prototype planning and delivery to the customer.

The biggest challenge is the coordination between the local team and the industrial team.

In this position, you can develop further and have the opportunity to take on international projects and implement them at various locations.

The perfect candidate:

  • Understanding logistics processes and material flows
  • OEM and JIS experience
  • Critical thinking

Supply Chain CIM Supervisor

“As a supervisor, you are responsible for quantity output and correct quality. This includes motivating employees to work at weekends and making them more flexible in the event of overcapacity or lack of material, as well as organising and improving processes.“

Supply Chain CIM Supervisor

The special feature of the Supply Chain CMI Supervisor is the responsibility for quantity output and correct quality. It also motivates employees to work at weekends and to be more flexible when materials are missing, as well as to organise and improve processes.

The biggest challenge is to keep the motivation of the employees high despite all adversities such as lack of material, poor quality of the suppliers, etc. The motivation of the employees is the same.

The perfect candidate:

  • Possesses commitment
  • Reliable and a role model for employees
  • Has good knowledge of human nature