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The maintenance of technical systems, components, equipment and operating resources is intended to ensure that the functional condition is maintained or restored in the event of failure.

If production is running, all trades, e.g. electrics/electronics, mechanics, machine technology, process engineering, supply and disposal, or individual production areas must be monitored and supervised. The actual condition is determined by visual inspections, inspections and functional tests. Within the scope of maintenance, our team is concerned with maintaining the functionality until the next maintenance date. This is to prevent production downtimes. Repair measures are taken in the event of a malfunction.

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Supervisor Maintenance

“The maintenance supervisor ensures smooth assembly and testing procedures, quality assurance and minimized failure rates.“

Supervisor Maintenance

The special features of Supervisor Maintenance are ensuring smooth assembly and testing procedures, quality assurance and minimizing failure rates.

The biggest challenge is to maintain an overview, discipline and a structured approach. They ensure proper maintenance of the equipment, compliance with electrical regulations and compliance with safety regulations.

In this position, you can develop into a Supervisor Manager.

The perfect candidate:

  • Has an electrical background
  • Is a talent for manual dexterity
  • Possesses leadership qualities

Maintenance Area Manager

“The head of the department is responsible for achieving or complying with defined objectives, implementing the listed core tasks and the associated planning.“

Maintenance Area Manager

The main task of Maintenance Area Manager is to ensure the technical availability of machinery, plant and equipment. This is ensured by regular maintenance, optimisation and repairs. The Head of Maintenance Assembly is responsible for achieving or adhering to defined goals, implementing the listed core tasks and the associated planning.

In every company, maintenance is a cost factor that a company must afford. Thus it is regularly a challenge to keep the running operation alive with the available means, or even to improve it.

The perfect candidate:

  • Experience with shift work
  • Can perform repairs under pressure
  • Analytical thinking