The Process-Methods Engineering Network

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Our experts in the network process & methods engineering provide answers to the development team to gain in efficiency, product robustness and time to market. Also they help to define business requirements and coverage towards the global optimum solutions capable to adapt to future needs. Preparing for the future by identifying the upcoming digital transformations and proposing opportunities is their mission.

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Process Methods Engineer

“The interface between project and production, as well as participation in the development of new products in view of serial production.“

Process Methods Engineer

The main task as Process-Methods Engineer is to be the interface between project and production. Collaboration in the development of new products with regard to series production and optimization / stabilization of existing production facilities.

The biggest challenge is the tight schedule with too little buffer. Decisions whether to buy a machine or not are made very late, delays have to be made up by the machine supplier, as the machine is brought to the production site without an optimal test run.

With us there is always the possibility to develop further, internal job advertisements are always advertised at the information stand.

The perfect candidate:

  • Project management skills
  • Automotive competence
  • Understanding of highly automated mechanical and electrical systems