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Valeo and Cree demonstrate the first complete high definition LED array solution for automotive lighting systems at CES 2019

Paris (France) and Durham, N.C. (USA), Jan. 10, 2019 – Valeo and Cree, Inc. announce that the companies have jointly developed the first complete high definition (HD) LED array solution for automotive lighting systems. Valeo is demonstrating this innovation - Valeo PictureBeam Monolithic - at the CES 2019 show.

Powered by breakthrough Cree® LED technology, Valeo PictureBeam Monolithic is the first complete high definition lighting system that provides both glare free and high beam road marking functions together with high performance low beam and high beam in a single compact solution.

This unique solution incorporates a scalable LED array in which the pixels of the light beam are formed directly at the light source. The module is therefore smaller and weighs less than other HD lighting systems on the market, making it easier to integrate into all vehicle classes. This new LED array innovation enables the ability to scale up to thousands of pixels. Under the control of Valeo’s electronic system, each pixel can be individually switched on, off or adjusted at will based on driver needs and road conditions.

“We are excited to publicly demonstrate this innovation developed together with Valeo, a global leader in automotive technology,” said Claude Demby, Senior Vice President and General Manager LED Products at Cree. “Valeo’s PictureBeam Monolithic solution showcases how Cree’s leading high-power LED technology delivers both advanced performance and simplified design creating a safer and more comfortable nighttime driving experience for everyone.”

“Cree’s unique chip array technology is at the heart of this new lighting innovation,” commented Christophe Le Ligné, Chief Technology Officer of the Visibility Systems Business Group at Valeo. “We are pleased to introduce to the market this state-of-the-art solution which will increase safety and open the way to new functionalities for future mobility solutions, particularly for autonomous vehicles.”

About Cree

Cree is an innovator of Wolfspeed® power and radio frequency (RF) semiconductors, lighting class LEDs and lighting products. Cree’s Wolfspeed® product families include SiC materials, power-switching devices and RF devices targeted for applications such as electric vehicles, fast charging inverters, power supplies, telecom and military and aerospace. Cree’s LED product families include blue and green LED chips, high-brightness LEDs and lighting-class power LEDs targeted for indoor and outdoor lighting, video displays, transportation and specialty lighting applications. Cree’s LED lighting systems and lamps serve indoor and outdoor applications.

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Cree® is a registered trademark of Cree, Inc.

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