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Valeo at CES 2024 – Las Vegas

From Jan. 8 to 12, Valeo will give you a unique opportunity to experience what mobility will look like tomorrow and beyond.

For 10 years now, Valeo has participated at the major tech show and will once again showcase a range of cutting-edge innovations at CES 2024, solidifying its commitment to shaping the future of mobility.

Valeo is the key innovation technology partner of automakers and mobility actors around the world to develop affordable solutions for greener, safer, more connected and more diverse mobility.

Valeo unveils groundbreaking innovations at CES 2024 for a safer & greener mobility for all, everywhere

Valeo SCALA™ 3 LiDAR: The keystone of reliable autonomous driving

A CES 2024 Innovation Award

Valeo SCALA™ 3, Valeo’s 3rd generation LiDAR (Light Detection & Ranging) offers unmatched performance thanks to Valeo’s innovation on hardware and perception software functions. Valeo SCALA™ 3 offers advanced perception in all conditions, meeting the highest automotive industry quality and safety standards.

LiDAR is proving an essential component of autonomous vehicle systems enabling vehicles to spot and react to obstacles in their environment that other sensing systems struggle with.

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Valeo INEEZ™ Air charging: Never worry again about charge cables

Charging using cables, particularly in shared public spaces, can be a real headache. However, there is an alternative solution. The new Valeo Ineez™ Air Charging system offers an efficient and lightweight solution to recharge a vehicle inductively, without any charge cables.

Valeo Ineez™ Air Charging is the only wireless solution that uses an ultra low operating frequency, around 3kHz, offering a lighter, simpler and safer charging experience.

The Valeo Ineez™ Air Charging is compatible with all wallboxes available on the market today and supports charging for autonomous vehicles that can just drive themselves onto an inductive charging area.

Valeo Predict4Range: Our software solution to range anxiety

Managing battery and motor temperature as well as maintaining optimal cabin conditions for passengers efficiently are key to maximizing range and battery life without compromising comfort. Valeo Predict4Range software predicts and drives the most efficient thermal management strategies for extended driving range (i.e. less charging stops with faster charging operations), and extended battery lifespan. The software integrates real-time data like outside temperature, wind speed, charging station maps, road elevation and electric vehicle parameters and offers up to 24% more range in real conditions compared to traditional thermal management control.

Valeo Predict4Range also takes into account daily vehicle usage and can use additional parameters, such as routes, driving behavior and habits to precisely calculate and optimize energy consumption.

Valeo smart battery immersive cooling system: Unlocking the full potential of EVs

Valeo’s smart immersive battery cooling system combines an efficient dielectric fluid with a smart hydraulic architecture to improve overall performance of electric vehicles in terms of safety, efficiency, speed of charge , longevity and reduced environmental impact.

Valeo’s smart immersive battery cooling system reduces charging time by 30% thanks to perfect cells’ cooling and preheating when needed in winter or reduces the average compressor consumption on a whole driving cycle of 5% to 8% compared to current best-in-class battery coolers for a given charging speed.

Also, the large structural modules that embed the fluid are made of Valeo OrganoSheet material, which provides robust mechanical crash protection and is as light as aluminum but 50% less carbon intensive.

Valeo ImagIn: Enjoy an immersive sound and light experience in your car!

Valeo and Sennheiser Mobility have combined their expertise to develop a unique multisensorial exploration where light meets an immersive sound audio system to create the illusion of a sound stage around each passenger, transforming every ride into a breathtaking soundscape.

The Valeo ImagIn interior lighting system is composed of projection modules, smart adaptable user-interfaces and software dedicated to projection and content management. Valeo ImagIn combines visual projected content with smart surfaces and sound for an immersive and intuitive experience for all passengers.

Zeekr 007: A personalized lighting experience for premium EVs

A CES 2023 Innovation Awards and a finalist for the 2024 Automotive News PACE awards. Valeo digital panels were recognized with a Gasgoo Award in 2023.

The Zeekr car presented on Valeo’s booth presents a luxurious and robust visual impact, seamlessly integrating modern technological elements while breaking from the traditional car segmented design thanks to the Valeo Thinbilite bifunction lighting module.

The Zeekr car is equipped with Valeo Thinbilite bifunction 15mm height and two digital panels, bundled with more than 1,700 LEDs, providing users with a seamless, personalized and interactive experience for front lighting. Valeo is also delivering the interior ambient lighting for an exciting driving experience. Finally, the vehicle boasts an elevated brand identity thanks to a central illuminated logo seamlessly integrating an ADAS sensor.

Valeo eXtended Reality Experience 2.0 : Enjoy unparalleled extended reality experiences

As cars become autonomous or as we wait EV charging, we want to use our time to work, relax or connect with friends.

After presenting its eXtended Reality Experience in a cockpit at CES 2023, Valeo is taking a step further at CES 2024 with a new experience using a VR/XR headset inside a vehicle. Using Valeo existing sensors and software, we create tailor-made solutions for gaming, relaxing or more global entertainment.

Valeo and BMW teleoperation parking maneuvers: park cars safely from miles away

Using cameras already in series production and relying on Valeo’s V-Cloud secure platform, this solution developed with BMW gives a real-time live view of the surroundings and interior of the car, enabling teleoperation from a cockpit with high reliability. The ability to operate a vehicle safely and remotely has been developed for fleet management with use cases in automaker factories and for robotaxi companies.

Thermal camera with new partner FLIR: the world’s smallest and most sensitive automotive grade night vision camera

The thermal camera is a key enabler to extend the detection of vulnerable road users, animals, vehicles and road edges in all driving conditions: day, night, sun and headlamps glare, fog, smoke, snow, rain or dust storm. Fusion of the long wave infrared sensed detail with the visible light domain improves visualization for the driver and, coupled with other sensors such as LiDAR or Radar, provides enhanced feature detection capability in challenging scenarios and higher speeds.

From ADAS to ARAS: Valeo’s solution for the safety of all riders

Valeo will present a smartphone app based on our expertise in computer vision and AI. This new solution will help cyclists and riders stay connected and understand their surroundings better, enhancing their safety thanks to additional information on potential collisions for example.


General public opening dates

Tuesday Jan. 9, 10am-6pm
Wednesday Jan. 10, 9am-6pm
Thursday, Jan. 11, 9am-6pm
Friday Jan. 12, 9am-6pm

Booth Press conference Christophe Périllat – Valeo’s CEO Keynote
Jan 8-12, 2024
Las Vegas Convention Center
Central Plaza & Piero’s
Jan 8 – 10am
Mandalay Bay
Jan 10 – 2pm
Las Vegas Convention Center West

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