Valeo Group | 30 Aug, 2023 | 5 min


Press Kit
04-08 September 2023
Hall A2 - C10

Valeo’s product portfolio serves all market needs for hybrid & electric powertrains to help reduce CO2 emissions

Valeo offers solutions for the electric motor (the heart of the powertrain), the inverter (the brain that transforms the current and controls the electric motor), the transmission with coupling and dampening solutions (for hybrids) or the reducer (equivalent of a gearbox in a traditional car), the on board charger and the power converter (which safely and efficiently ensure the energy transfer from the high-voltage battery to the on board electricity network).

Valeo’s next-generation comprehensive powertrain is based on a new optimized 6 in 1 concept including an electric motor, its inverter and the reducer (with park lock or disconnect in option). This optimized electric axle is 10% lighter and 20% more compact than the previous generation.

The electric axle relies on a brand new generation of 800V SiC inverter able to achieve +5% efficiency and +40% additional power density.

Valeo also presents its fourth-generation on board charger. In addition to charging the battery, the charger reinjects energy into the charging network, which allows it to supply energy to the smart grids of the future. The most powerful and compact version (40% more power density compared with the previous generation) is being developed for a US automaker.


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