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Valeo at Viva Technology: innovations and challenges in the fields of electric, autonomous and connected vehicles

Paris, May 13, 2018 – For the fourth year running, Valeo is taking part in the Viva Technology conference, from May 16 to 18, at Paris Expo Porte de Versailles, France. The Group is showing its latest innovations and hosting some 30 start-ups at its Lab to compete in challenges in the fields of new mobility services, user experiences and fleet management solutions.

Innovation driving the mobility revolutions
Valeo is showcasing several innovations driving the revolutions that are currently redefining the car as we know it:
– Valeo Voyage XR (unveiled in France for the first time): drawing on virtual reality and a broad range of technologies developed by Valeo (cameras, sensors, telematics, human-machine interfaces, etc.), Valeo Voyage XR allows users to “teletransport” their family and friends, bringing them virtually onboard the vehicle. Valeo Voyage XR can create the illusion that the person of your choice, located in reality outside the vehicle, is sitting in the back seat and interacting with you. You can see, hear and share content with them just as if you were handing them a smartphone or a tablet. You can see them pointing out the scenery as they join you on a part of your journey. Watch their avatar in the rearview mirror while they enjoy the immersive experience remotely via a virtual reality headset and console. Valeo Voyage XR opens the way for a whole new world of onboard communications and experiences.

– A vehicle that responds to our emotions: Valeo is unveiling a vehicle cabin that can sense passengers’ emotions and create a customized comfort bubble. Working in partnership with Sensum, an empathetic AI specialist, Valeo has developed an onboard evaluation system to interact more effectively with passengers and understand their needs. The system addresses both safety (by monitoring fatigue and distraction levels), as well as comfort and well-being (by calming and energizing). Leveraging artificial intelligence based on various sensors in the vehicle cabin, the Valeo system measures each passenger’s physiological and emotional profile to provide them with a customized and multi-sensory comfort bubble, adjusting light, fragrances, sounds and thermal sensations.

– Real-time air quality map: Valeo is revisiting the experiment to map Paris’ air quality in real time. Thanks to its fleet of some twenty vehicles that criss-cross Paris, using sensors to measure fine particle, carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide and ozone levels, Valeo has developed the most comprehensive air quality map ever built in Paris. The map gives a real-time picture of urban air quality and tracks its fluctuations in both space and time. Implemented in cities and built-up areas and on all types of fleets (buses, taxis, municipal vehicles, etc.), this solution enables local authorities to better understand air quality problems for the benefit of citizens.

– Valeo is offering visitors a virtual reality experience in which they can discover the mobility of the future and upcoming innovations: take a journey in an autonomous vehicle, personalize the ambiance inside the cabin, discover new entertainment services, with tourist landmarks shown on the windshield in augmented reality and windows that screen content.

30 start-ups at the Valeo Lab
The Group will be hosting 30 start-ups from around the world at its “Automotive Tech” Lab, with three challenges on the agenda: “Offering new mobility solutions”, “Revolutionizing the user experience” and “Developing new fleet management solutions”. The start-ups’ projects will be evaluated by a panel of Valeo experts and venture capital fund representatives, based on their relevance, their ability to meet needs, their innovative nature and their market potential.

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