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Valeo, Atul and Honda join hands to accelerate three wheelers electrification in India

Valeo, Atul Greentech Private Limited, the electric three-wheeler manufacturer, and Honda Powerpack Energy Private Limited, the swappable battery service provider, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), through which Valeo will provide the electric powertrains and powertrain control unit for Atul's electric three-wheelers to work with Honda’s swappable battery solution.

Valeo will provide its 48V integrated compact electric powertrain system along with the Powertrain Control Unit for Atul’s upcoming cargo and passenger three-wheeler that is to be launched in India soon. In addition, Valeo’s engineers will provide the technology integration support to help Atul go to market quickly with Honda’s swappable battery.

Valeo, a pioneer and world leader in 48V affordable systems, launched in 2020 a fully integrated compact 48V electric powertrain system in India to aid affordable electrification for small mobility vehicles –two- and three-wheelers, that are extensively used for first- and last-mile connectivity in the country.


Commenting on the partnership, Mr. Jayakumar G, Group President and Managing Director, Valeo India, said, “This tri-party engagement between Atul Greentech Private Limted, Honda Powerpack Energy Private Limited and Valeo brings domain expertise together to accelerate three-wheeler electrification in both passenger and cargo segments. Valeo’s advanced CO2-reducing technologies, strong engineering and local manufacturing expertise will help strengthen our partnership in the fast-growing Indian market and other markets.

Valeo has the full spectrum of electric powertrain systems, from low to high voltage. Its technologies power from two- and three-wheel urban vehicles to premium sedans and SUVs. In India, Valeo produces electric powertrain units at its manufacturing facility in Pune, Maharashtra.

About Valeo India: Present in India since 1997, Valeo has developed a very strong footprint in the country over the last 20 years. Valeo today has eight Production Sites, one global R&D center, five Distribution Platforms and a Front Office to serve clients. Valeo employs 6,000 + people in India, of which nearly 50% are engineers.

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