Innovation / Products & Technology | 19 Apr, 2019 | 2 min
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Valeo demonstrates new smart cabin air quality solutions at Shanghai Auto Show

At the 18th Shanghai international Auto Show, from 18 to 25 April 2019, Valeo is showcasing a number of innovative smart cabin air quality solutions to reduce the impact of pollution on a vehicle’s driver and passengers.

The electric revolution is well underway in China, but for the time being, driving in urban areas often still means getting around in polluted areas. Reducing CO2 emissions and improving air quality also remain a major concern in Chinese cities: 65% of respondents to a recent local study by Sigma use personal protection against pollution in their car cabin.

In Shanghai, Valeo’s demo car is showcasing a number of intelligent solutions to detect and neutralize harmful pollutants inside a vehicle. One of them is a high-efficiency cabin air filter system. Produced at Valeo’s Jingzhou site, it features a PM 2.5 & VOC (volatile organic compound) filter which provides the ultimate protection, by eliminating 98% of fine particles and absorbing almost 100% of harmful gases.

Valeo’s solutions also allow for the dynamic digital monitoring of cabin air quality that can measure pollution levels, to take preventive measures and anticipate maintenance. Their PM 2.5 sensor automatically activates the recycling mode when particle concentration levels are too high for instance. For additional protection, Valeo also offers an in-cabin purification system, with an ionizer diffusing negative ions to clean the cabin as well as cabin fragrances customized to the passengers’ tastes.

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