Valeo Group | 8 Jul, 2020 | 2 min

Valeo Egypt Says No to Plastic Cups

Since Valeo places great emphasis on environmental needs and communities’ sustainability, the organization has taken a step forward to solve the global plastic contamination issue with its “No Plastic Cups” initiative. The initiative aims to limit the use of plastic cups on Valeo premises, and turns to stainless steel bottles for employees’ daily water consumption.

No plastic cups at ValeoIn addition to known impacts of plastic on sea life, Valeo Egypt’s huge consumption rates of plastic was the spark that triggered the initiative. With over 2200 employees, Valeo Egypt’s team was alarmed by the huge number of plastic cups waste on a daily basis, with approximately half a million cups used since the beginning of 2019. It was a setting stone for the initiative, and an opportunity for Valeo to practice its commitment to limiting the environmental impact of its activities and reducing its production of waste.

Valeo considers the initiative as a means to take part in the global trend of plastic usage reduction, and to exercise its role as a corporate citizen. Its huge workforce is an undeniable asset that can be a real game-changer of the current status-quo.

Aside from its mission to innovate products that reduce the impact of CO2 emissions on the environment, it puts in motion rigorous global standards for its processes to ensure a high level of environmental safety and pollution prevention.

Being a renowned organization that focuses on its employees’ physical well-being, as well as the sustainability of the communities they live in, it has become crucial for Valeo to expand its impact on society, and spread awareness – starting with its people – about plastic usage consequences.

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