Valeo Entelligence (Electrification+Intelligence)

For Valeo’s bus climate specialists there is no single optimum climate control concept to meet the challenges in bus electrification.

Valeo is working on a holistic approach to a higher-level control of all climate control components which take into account the driver’s profile and available energy. To achieve this, Valeo adds “Intelligence” to the “E”. The latter comprises an innovative higher-level control system, consistent lightweight construction of air conditioning components and advanced power electronics.

Valeo’s “Entelligence” contributes to making the best use of existing energy resources with a clever climate control strategy and extending the range of all bus systems, including hybrid and electrobuses.

Particular importance is attached to the electrification of all HVAC components, their intelligent integration and controllability as well as compact design. Discover Valeo’s Thermal Bus Technologies and Products and visit