Valeo InBlue®

Valeo has extended the capabilities of its Passive Entry Passive Start system to integrate new uses and behaviors related to the Internet of Things, typified by such devices as smartphones and smartwatches. In a world first, Valeo launch a smartwatch system that allows drivers to lock and unlock their vehicles.

Once inside the car, the driver’s smartphone is detected, allowing him or her to start the vehicle. The smartphone-compatible Valeo InBlue® system also enables car sharing, remote parking and access to such vehicle data as tire pressure, fuel level and last location parked.

Valeo InBlue® is a new generation of Passive Entry Passive Start system that uses Bluetooth® Smart technology. The smartphone communicates with the vehicle using a virtual key stored in the phone via the secure InBlue® platform, offering security on a level with mobile payment systems.

With Valeo InBlue®, drivers can leave the car keys in their pockets or even at home and use their smartphones or smartwatches to unlock, lock and start the vehicle instead. The functionalities offered by the system are wide ranging, as Valeo InBlue® allows the synchronization of data between the car and the smartphone. As a result, drivers can check vehicle readings such as tire pressure and fuel level remotely and get a host of information, including last location parked. This data is regularly backed up in the smartphone, making it available at any time, no matter how far the driver may be from the vehicle.

Motorists will also be able to transmit the key remotely at any time, wherever they may be. All they need to do is send a digital key to the person who will borrow the car using a smartphone. The person receiving the virtual key will be authorized to use his or her smartphone to unlock, lock and start the vehicle.