Innovation / Products & Technology | 4 May, 2018 | 3 min

Valeo: increasing electric cars’ driving range with smart thermal management

During the 15th Beijing International Automotive Exhibition, Auto China 2018, Valeo unveiled its latest thermal management solutions which help electric vehicles go further and their batteries last longer.

What’s one of the biggest deterrents to buying an electric car? A short driving range, said a 2015 survey by Queensland University in Australia. Valeo, a world expert in hybrid and all-electric vehicles solutions, has developed smart thermal management solutions that not only help maintain battery life but can globally increase an electric vehicle’s range by up to 30% in winter and up to 20% in summer. Electric car batteries are extremely sensitive to changes in temperature. They have to be maintained between 15°C and 35°C – an increase of just 10°C halves their service life. Valeo’s battery cooling systems and comprehensive range of coolers solutions cover all the needs for plug-in hybrids and full EVs.

In terms of passenger comfort for EVs, Valeo showcased a heat pump system that harvests available ambient energy to heat, cool and demist car cabins, delivering optimal heating and air-conditioning.  Valeo also offers electrically driven compressors (EDCs) for cooling batteries and for climate control. To top it off, they are quiet, for an optimal in-cabin experience.


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