Valeo Group | 8 Jul, 2020 | 5 min

Valeo Inks Agreement with Information Technology Industry Development Agency to Inaugurate Two Global Shared Service Centers in Cairo

As part of its objective to expand its operations in the country, Valeo Egypt signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA) to collaborate on the inauguration of two Shared Technology Service Centers leveraging technical support and information systems’ operations for Valeo’s global customers.

The signing took place at the Egyptian Embassy in Paris by Eng. Hala ElGohary, CEO of Information Technology Industry Development Agency (ITIDA), and Eng. Wael Abouelmaaty, Senior General Manager of Valeo Egypt and Group’s Software Delivery Services Director, in the presence of Dr. Amr Talaat, Egyptian Minister of Information & Communications Technology, Mr. Ehab Ahmed Badawi, the Egyptian Ambassador to France, and Mr. Marc Vrecko, President of Comfort & Driving Assistance Systems Business Group at Valeo.

The agreement was inked in light of Dr. Amr Talaat’s visit to France to open doors for French/Egyptian economic collaborations in the field of communications and information technology.

According to the MOU, Valeo will put in motion a Smart Shared Service Center that focuses on delivering the after-market digitization strategy of Valeo Services Business Group, enabling the development of data science, digital content, and technical content.

Furthermore, Valeo will inaugurate a Global IS Shared Services Center that serves the Group’s global information system operations. As stated in the agreement, the center scope includes big data management, business process automation, ERP modules development & integration, Google Cloud Platform Application Development, business intelligence & insights development services, and other related IS infrastructure services.

The agreement enables ITIDA and Valeo Egypt to work collaboratively on building Egyptian calibers’ capacity through providing world-class training on latest ICT and electronics technologies and creating jobs for trainees as part of Valeo’s effort to expand its operations in Egypt.

During the meeting, Dr. Amr Talaat emphasized on the importance of enhancing strategic cooperation with multinational organizations planning to expand their operations in Egypt; which conforms to the Ministry’s strategy to increase the quantity and quality of Egyptian exported ICT products and services, and enables the increase of employment opportunities for Egyptian youth. According to his Excellency, this will plant trust in the Egyptian investments scene and will consolidate Egypt’s position as a market leader in Information Technology and added-value services.

While Eng. Abouelmaaty added: “With this agreement, Valeo is not only increasing its current engineering workforce in Egypt, which had reached over 2200 engineers, but is also witnessing yet another tremendous expansion by harboring operations for all of Valeo’s 5 Business Groups. With the establishment of the Global Smart Shared Service Center for Valeo Services Business Group, Valeo Egypt teams will put in motion the business group’s after-market digitization strategy, and will serve as a transversal entity for the Group’s Information Systems operations. The two centers will focus on cutting edge technologies including AI, data science, big data, cloud, and serverless infrastructure.”

According to Eng. Hala ElGohary, the agreement stems from the strategic cooperation between ITIDA and Valeo Egypt, and the Agency’s aim to enforce fruitful partnerships with renowned multinational organizations in the field of value-added services to build international development centers in Egypt. Such collaborations do not only contribute to solving unemployment issues in the country, but they enhance the Egyptian IT sector and open doors for Egypt to rank among the top exporting developed countries worldwide.

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