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Valeo is the number 1 patent applicant in Europe and the number 3 patent applicant in France

Valeo continues to establish itself as a highly innovative company, partnering its customers to transform mobility. Valeo is determined to protect its innovations and is one of the French companies to have filed the most patents across all sectors in 2023.

In the report published by the European Patent Office (EPO) on 19 March 2024, Valeo ranked first in France (33rd overall) in terms of patent filings in Europe in 2023, for the second year running, with 564 patent applications filed.

Valeo also features on the podium of patent applicants in France in the Institut National de la Propriété Intellectuelle (INPI) report of 25 April 2024, with 681 priority patent applications filed in 2023, i.e. 40% of its priority applications filed in 2023 worldwide (1,666 in total).

In addition, Valeo is ranked as the number one French patent applicant worldwide for the second year running in the INPI’s December 2023 report*.

Valeo is the reference technology partner for mobility players, and its innovations are protected by a portfolio of more than 33,000 IP rights worldwide. In 2023, Valeo’s innovations enabled it to register a record level of orders from its customers.

Christophe Périllat, Valeo’s Chief Executive Officer, explains: “At Valeo, our more than 20,000 engineers around the world work every day to develop software, components and equipment that make mobility safer, more respectful of the environment and accessible to all. Today, we are the reference technology partner for our customers, who trust us to provide them with innovative solutions tailored to their needs. At a time when our sector is undergoing a major transformation, we are maintaining our investment drive to ensure that we continue to have the right technologies, at the right time, to meet the needs of the market and support our customers in their transformation.

The Group’s patent applications in 2023 protect its innovations in equipment and components, as well as software. The Group’s technologies are focused on 4 pillars: autonomous driving, electrification, lighting and life on board, with patent applications notably in the following areas:

  • systems for monitoring the passenger compartment and driver attention,
  • new-generation LiDARs,
  • high-voltage electric transmissions (eAxle),
  • low-frequency chargers,
  • heat pump and battery cooling systems and modules,
  • light sources with adaptable shapes.

Valeo’s patent applications also protect innovations that contribute to its CO2 reduction commitments, with applications relating to bio-based materials and optimized consumption, such as “just in light” solutions using AI to adapt light intensity to the vehicle’s environment and thus limit electric consumption.

*For the year 2022

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