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Valeo puts biomass plant into operation at the Ebern-Fischbach site for a CO2-neutral future

The automotive industry has embarked on the biggest transformation in its history to meet the challenges of global warming. Through its Cap 50 plan, Valeo is committed to reducing the carbon footprint of its entire value chain. Its goal is to contribute to carbon neutrality through 2050 and to have cut its total emissions by 45% by 2030*. This includes emissions from suppliers, the end use of Valeo’s products over their entire lifespan, as well as Valeo’s own operational activities for which its ambitious targets for 2030 include reducing its CO2 emissions by 75% (Scopes 1 and 2 of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol).

It is in this framework that Valeo inaugurated on December 8, a state-of-the-art biomass heating system at the Ebern-Fischbach plant, which was recently commissioned. The location’s CO2 balance improves as a result of avoiding fossil fuels significantly and leads to the location´s heating being CO2-neutral in the future. The plant is the first at Valeo worldwide to now have a heating system that is 100% based on renewable raw materials and thus makes a major contribution with this CAP 50 initiative to the CO2-neutral future of the Valeo Group.

The Biomass plant completely replaces the previous oil heating system, which used around 115,000 liters of oil annually to heat the production halls and offices. In addition to fuel costs, the new heating system leads to 364 tons of CO2 savings. There are two boilers with an output of 1000 kilowatts altogether in a new boiler house with a storage room for wood chips or pellets. The heat is fed into the internal heating network through a 30,000 liter hot water storage tank and insulated connecting pipes to the factory. The biomass can be transported from the truck to the storage room via a delivery bay with a conveyor hopper. 1500 m³ of wood chips are required annually and come from forest maintenance work in the neighboring state forest. This ensures short routes, sustainable forestry and security of supply. CO2 neutrality arises because the wood stores as much carbon and solar energy during the growth process as is released during the combustion or rotting process.

*Taking into account the emissions savings generated by Valeo electrification technologies fitted to customers’ vehicles.

About Valeo
As a technology company and partner to all automakers and new mobility players, Valeo is innovating to make mobility cleaner, safer and smarter. Valeo enjoys technological and industrial leadership in electrification, driving assistance systems, reinvention of the interior experience and lighting everywhere. These four areas, vital to the transformation of mobility, are the Group’s growth drivers.
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