Innovation / Produits et Technologie | 26 Mar, 2020 | 3 min
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Valeo receives Road Safety Innovation Award for Valeo Rescuer(TM) | Valeo

Paris, March 26, 2020 – Valeo has received the 2020 Road Safety Innovation Award in the Preventing the consequences of an accident category for its Valeo Rescuer(TM) solution.

As of April 1, 2018, all new vehicle platforms approved for manufacture must be fitted with an integrated automatic eCall (for emergency call) system that instantly connects the vehicle with emergency services in the event of an accident.

As road safety is one of Valeo’s key priorities in the development of all its innovations, both in original equipment and for the aftermarket, the Group designed the new safety solution to be available for all vehicles, even those more than two years old.

That is why Valeo invented Valeo Rescuer(TM), the first eCall system to comply with European standards, applicable for vehicles already on the road. Valeo Rescuer(TM):

  • automatically and autonomously detects accidents, thanks to its accelerometer and gyroscope;
  • geolocates the vehicle, thanks to its GPS;
  • transmits key data to identify and locate the vehicle, via its GSM card;
  • puts the driver (or a person on board) in contact with a 24/7 support platform, by voice and in their own language (using an integrated microphone and speaker);
  • calls out an emergency response team in under 95 seconds if necessary.

Every second counts when vehicles are involved in accidents, and reducing the emergency response time is vital. The challenge for Valeo Rescuer(TM) is therefore to offer essential security assistance to as many people as possible in the simplest way.

Valeo Rescuer(TM) also includes a breakdown assistance service, called b-Call (for breakdown call), which the driver can trigger at the push of a button.

Valeo Rescuer(TM) is very user-friendly. By simply plugging it into the vehicle’s 12V socket (cigarette lighter), a user can activate their subscription to a support service through a dedicated Valeo mobile application.

The solution will be on sale in the coming months.

Valeo has been a signatory of the Road Safety at Work Charter since 2016 and organizes annual nationwide Road Safety Days, as well as a range of awareness-raising initiatives for its employees.