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Valeo stock split

Paris, May 26, 2016 –Valeo's Annual Shareholders' Meeting (Euronext: FR), held on May 26, 2016, adopted the nineteenth resolution, under which the par value of the Valeo share will be divided in three and, as a result, each existing share (with a par value of three euros) will be exchanged for three new shares with a par value of one euro, with the same rights to dividends.

The operation will make the stock more accessible to new shareholders, particularly individuals, thereby increasing its liquidity.

The stock split will take effect on June 8, 2016. As of this date, the number of shares making up the Company’s share capital will triple and the stock will trade on a basis equal to the share price at that date divided by three.

The operation will not affect shareholders’ rights or tax situation, nor will it involve any costs or formalities for shareholders.

Valeo’s new ISIN code as of June 6, 2016 will be FR0013176526.

Valeo is an automotive supplier, partner to all automakers worldwide. As a technology company, Valeo proposes innovative products and systems that contribute to the reduction of CO? emissions and to the development of intuitive driving. In 2015, the Group generated sales of €14.5 billion and invested over 10% of its original equipment sales in research and development. Valeo has 134 plants, 17 research centers, 35 development centers and 15 distribution platforms, and employs 82,800 people in 30 countries worldwide.
Valeo is listed on the Paris stock exchange and is a member of the CAC 40 index.
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