Wunstorf – Valeo Power Division

The Valeo site in Wunstorf focuses on the production of front-end modules.

At the Wunstorf site, front-end modules have been produced since mid-2022. The 40 employees at the site, which is part of the Valeo Power Division, assemble individual components into a front-end module, which is then delivered directly to the assembly line at the end customer’s premises. The vehicle parts are manufactured specifically for an electric version of a van. The front-end module is a component of the vehicle front that is hidden behind the front cover of the van.

Key figures at end 2023

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The focus at the site

  • Component management
  • Production of front-end modules
  • Just-in-time delivery to the end customer’s assembly line

Products at the site

  • Front-end modules

Working in Wunstorf

Wunstorf is an independent municipality in the Hanover region of Lower Saxony. The town with 42.000 inhabitants is characterized in particular by its attractive town center, the Kaliberg, the air base and the Steinhuder Meer, the largest inland lake in Lower Saxony. In the free time, the numerous cycling and hiking trails, lectures, concerts, museums, theaters, libraries or exhibitions can be visited.

Sustainability at the site

The building used for production was taken over from the previous owner and converted into an assembly plant. In the coming years, the energy efficiency of the 20-year-old building will then be upgraded.




Start of building reconstruction


Official opening of the site

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