48V Affordable Hybrid system

Valeo solutions comprise an additional 48V lithium-ion battery, a Valeo 48V DCDC Converter and a new 48V Starter Generator including new features:

  • Energy recovery during braking; this energy is stored in the 48V lithium-ion battery
  • Torque assist; the 48V Starter Generator is able to assist the engine during acceleration using the recovered energy
  • Electrical supply; the energy stored in the 48V lithium-ion battery is flowing through the 48V DCDC converter to supply the vehicle electrical network

Valeo 48v hybrid system: a decrease of CO2 emissions

These new features bring strong benefits in CO2 emissions and fuel economy.

To complete the offer the 48V electric supercharger can be added. As a result the driving pleasure of the powertrain will be dramatically improved.

Valeo 48V Starter Generator product picture
48V Starter Generator
Valeo compressor product picture
48V electric supercharger
Valeo converter product picture
48V DCDC converter