Automotive acoustic systems: more safety and acoustic comfort

Valeo's analog and digital microphones, a key player in automotive acoustics, enable increased safety, voice-activated interaction with the vehicle and personalized acoustic comfort bubbles for each passenger.

The different uses of acoustics systems in a car

Microphones in the cabin already serve different functions:

Calls and voice commands in the car

  • Hands-free calls for increased safety. Using a mobile phone connected to the infotainment system, microphones provide clear voice signals for calls placed through the system, while also allowing drivers to keep their hands on the steering wheel and their eyes on the road.
  • Voice command for interaction with the infotainment system and control of some vehicle functions.

Reducing cabin noise in the car

  • “Sound bubbles” as a next generation of ANC (Active Noise Cancellation). Systems provide a personalized acoustic experience for each seat and individual passenger. This acoustic technology reduces noise from the road to offer a better driving experience.
  • eCall services, in case of an accident, allow automated communication with the emergency center or at the press of a button.
  • Active Noise Cancellation systems reduce unwanted sound within the cabin.

Acoustic detection system of emergency vehicles

  • Exterior microphones for the detection of emergency vehicle sirens before the driver even hears them.

The importance of acoustics for autonomous cars

The importance of acoustics is becoming even greater with the development of the electric vehicle. Since electric engines are silent, undesirable noises previously masked by the combustion engine are now heard by the driver and passengers. Reducing such disturbing noises is becoming more important than ever for the improved safety of road users. The automation of vehicles also reinforces the importance of acoustics. Detecting nearby emergency vehicles by the sound of sirens and communicating with droids are new applications in which microphones are already being used.


Valeo has strong expertise in the design, vehicle integration and the manufacturing of innovative acoustic solutions. Valeo was the first to launch a digital microphone in a series model in 2016 with a U.S. carmaker and again the first to launch external microphones in 2020 with a European OEM.